Who Is Jenna Phillips? Meet The Puppy Impersonator On Tiktok


While most people love dogs, Jenna from Austin, Texas, feels connected with the animals that are different from most. She says she loves them more, and they make her happy.

Who Is Jenna Phillips?

Jenna was an optician, but she quit to do the ‘Only Fans’ business full time. She makes $6,000 every month already. When the young man was 21, he told Unilad this:

How Much Does Jenna Phillips Charge For Her Only Fans?

When she said: Whenever I went shopping for clothes, the only sizes available were for men.

Jenna continued to explain. What is Ian Somerhalder’s worth in 2021? Ian Somerhalder starred in the popular TV series The Vampire Diaries. He then became an entrepreneur and founded his own company.

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