Tiktok Fans React To Emmuhlu’s Apologies After ‘n Word’ Video Surfaced


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TikTok has never been without scandal, but this one is surprising. Rapper Nicki Minaj is famous. She likes to rant about stuff, and she also loves Emmuhlu, a person on TikTok. People said she did something terrible, but it might not be accurate.

Someone said that when Emma used a racial slur, she lost hundreds of thousands of followers, and people said they were no longer her fan. 

Who Is Emmuhlu?

Emmuhlu is a TikTokker who goes by the name of ”Barb” because she loves Nicki Minaj. She became famous on the app for her short videos and original content.

She has hurt Trump supporters and made them scared. We are asking for her to kick off the app because she is hurting people.

Emma published a picture days before the video leaked, and The photo showed a brochure from an organization. The pamphlet spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement, Women’s reproductive rights, and climate science.

Emma put a caption on their photo that said, ”I will never stop fighting for marginalized groups in America.” Many people use being awake and not being racist or homophobic for personal gain. 

How Did Emmuhlu Apologize?

Many celebrities try to ignore or deny their mistakes. Emma does not do this. She apologizes for what she said, and she is sorry. Emma has posted several apologies on TikTok. She said, “I am a good student.”

I used to stand for things; I know that it has lost all credibility, I failed everyone. I am sorry.

I stand for everything, but what I have done recently has hurt those beliefs. It is not surprising that it has lost credibility. Every black person who knew me, every black person who cheered for me and trusted in my judgment, had their faith thrown back in their faces. I think I failed everyone.

Emma told her fans that there is no excuse. I thought that was funny. My intentions were not to cause harm or insult someone when I spoke those things and laughed at them.

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What Do Fans Think Of Emmuhlu’s  Apology?

Many people felt elated when Emmuhlu won, but they also felt disappointed when he lost. One person who is on Twitter posted something about @

Yes, I understand that people can change. I used to help her, but I can’t anymore. Do not type.

People can change. The speaker does not support her anymore. Menstruation is when a girl’s period comes. Menstruation is when a woman has blood come out of her body every month.

People who released her personal information have done bad things. They have been mean to her, and they have threatened her life.

could not load this content; if you all want to cancel emmuhlufor saying the n-word go for it but keep the same energy for Mattia and the others. — ☭ (@slavichooker) 24 April 2020.

Emmuhlu does not deserve her platform. We should stop giving it to her.

Some people also said that there is a double standard with the cancel culture movement. Other people and Lil Huddy did not get the same level of backlash, but Mattia Polibio did.

could not load this content It’sIt’s funny how you all cancel demmuhluso fast without even seeing her apology, but lilhuddyand mattiadude and other boys nahhit’s okay they are hot, so no one is going to compensate them — ʙᴀʙʏʙᴀᴛ (@buymeasnakee) April 24, 2020

In other news, it seemed like Twitter was blaming the Internet shutdown on memes from The Terminator movie.

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