Who is Chris Chan
Who is Chris Chan

Who is Chris Chan: The Tragic Story of Chris Chan!

Christine Weston “Chris” Chandler, better known online as CwcvilleGuardian or Chris Chan (born: February 24, 1982), is an American YouTuber, vlogger, artist, singer, and cult leader best known for inventing the webcomic Sonichu.

Who is Chris Chan?

Chris Chan, a 39-year-old creator of webcomics, is also an artist, blogger, and YouTube star. According to Sega Nerds, Chan is best known for being “a divisive internet star” and creating webcomics with Sonichu and Rosechu.

According to the website,  “the infamous creator of the Sonichu comic series and internet trolling target”. On Twitter, however, Chan writes in her bio:

“I am Mrs. Christine W. Chandler Sonichu, Goddess of the Nations of Cwcville, Comma, and the Commodore Consoles, and the Creator of Sonichu and Rosechu. She/Her.” Chan explained: “I Am Female; please address and talk about me with the correct Pronouns. She/Her/Hers. Thank You.”

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Chan also states on Tumblr that she “created Sonichu, Rosechu, and the city of Cwcville, Virginia, as drawn in my comic book series.

“And I am a proud Lesbian Transwoman… I am still a work in progress, always.” According to Chan, she has also been called Christian, Christopher, Chris Chan, and other names by her online trolls and bullies since 2000.

Chan didn’t begin speaking until she was seven years old and was given a childhood diagnosis of high-functioning autism.

Who is Chris Chan

What Did Chris Chan Do?

On August 1, 2021, Chan was detained due to online claims that she had molested a relative. According to the Henrico County Sheriff’s website, the 39-year-old is detained at Henrico County Regional Prison West in Virginia on one count of incest.

That is not her first run-in with the police either; in October 2011, Chandler and her mother were detained after Barbara struck a nearby gaming store manager with her car. As a result, they were fined, required to perform community service, and placed on probation for a year.

And according to a court document obtained by The Sun from Albemarle General District Court, Chan was charged with Class 1 Misdemeanor Assault in December 2014.

She was initially charged with a Class 6 Felony for “dangerous gas unlawful release” after she assaulted a GameStop employee who requested her to leave.

According to court documents, Chan was sentenced to a $514 fine and a 180-day suspended jail term. According to HITC, on August 30, 2022, rumors that Chan had escaped from prison started to circulate. These are false.

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