Who is Noah Thompson Dating
Who is Noah Thompson Dating

Who is Noah Thompson Dating: American Idol Sensation Noah Thompson Shares Exclusive Instagram Post!

American singer Noah Thompson, born on April 18, 2002, took home the title of American Idol’s 20th season.

Thompson was born in Huntington, West Virginia, on April 18, 2002. He went to Louisa, Kentucky’s Lawrence County High School. He was a construction worker before he entered the American Idol competition.

In addition to performing his original songs like “Not a Phase,” “Pedestal,” and “Heart Painted Black,” he has also covered tunes on his YouTube channel. He didn’t mean to sign up for the audition for American Idol, but his friend Arthur did.

Who is Noah Thompson Dating?

Noah Thompson, the winner of American Idol 2022, maybe on the road performing brand-new songs, but he always finds time for his loved ones.

Noah gave his Instagram fans a look inside his personal life away from the road in a recent batch of images. ICYMI: Walker, the son he shares with his fiancée Angel Dixon, was featured in pictures that the Kentucky native uploaded.

The sweet pictures showed the two enjoying time in nature. The country artist tried to get Walker to look at the camera while sporting matching trucker hats.

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But as he was doing it, he realized he had unintentionally committed a minor parenting mistake. He joked about the misplaced shoe in the post’s description from October 1.

Many American Idol viewers raced into the comments area to express their opinions when they saw that Noah had posted a touching update regarding Walker.

Everyone noticed how similar the father and son pair appeared when posed side by side. “Precious. He is your mini-me for sure,” one person wrote on Instagram. “He is so adorable! Those eyes!!! He looks just like you!!” another added. “Looks just like ya, Noah!!,” a different fan said.

noahthompsonmusic shared on Instagram and said,Poor feller lost his shoe”


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What is Noah doing these days besides performing at events and raising his son? He appears to be living up to his American Idol victory.

Who is Noah Thompson Dating

He has been in the recording studio since he was fired from the ABC singing competition program.

People are aware that the artist earlier this summer in July released a rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay” song. Yet it appears that he will soon release more brand-new tracks. After showing Walker his images, Noah posted a sneak peek of what might be his upcoming single.

We might just have a smash on our hands based on the chords at the opening and the suggestion of words. Whatever the case, Noah has a lot to look forward to while traveling with his family.

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