Martin Bobb-Semple Dating
Martin Bobb-Semple Dating

Is December 2022 TikTok Video Suggests Martin Bobb-Semple Might Be Dating Someone?

If you’re a fan of All American: Homecoming, you’re familiar with Martin Bobb-Semple, the English actor who plays Orlando “Lando” Johnson.

There is an interesting split among viewers: some want Lando and Simone Hicks (Geffri Maya) to surpass their friendship-with-benefits status, while others wish for Simone to settle down with Damon Sims (Peyton Alex Smith).

The upcoming season finale may signal the end of the social media division, but viewers have tried to go beyond the program to Martin’s personal life in the interim.

These are some posts that are similar to this one:

A man this attractive simply cannot be unmarried, right? Or is he up for sale? So, who is dating Martin Bobb-Semple? This is what we do know.

Who is Martin Bobb-Semple dating?

The shoot-your-shot season appears to be in full swing! Nobody knows if Martin is currently on the market as of this writing. There are only two possibilities:

Martin lives alone or in a relationship but would rather keep his significant other out of the spotlight. Yet, a December 2022 TikTok video suggests Martin might be dating someone.

Martin may be seen dancing with a stunning woman with brown skin in the video posted by the fan account @.landojohnson.

The two may be seen dancing tight to one another while clutching champagne flutes. People flooded the comment area with funny commentary after the video was posted.

“Denial is a river in Egypt. I am in denial,” one fan commented, as many suspect the woman may be Martin’s girlfriend.

“My man is my man, is your man, heard it’s her man too,” another person commented while citing SZA’s hit song “The Weekend.” Another supporter said, “Closing the app.”

Fans paying attention discussed Martin deleting the republished video from his page in the comment section, which is interesting. Fans now think that he might be dating someone.

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