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Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament Smashes Prize Pool Records Latest News

An open Super Smash Bros. Melee competition has disclosed a record in the competing view for the giant prize pool. Smash Summit 11, entertained by Beyond the Summit, presently has a singles bonus pool of above $140,000.

The competition, which will last from July 15 to July 18, is the greatest in competing Melee records to claim a bonus pool of above $100,000. 

At the moment of reporting, the tournament’s singles award pool is $140,686. According to Esports Earnings, competing Melee’s second-biggest bonus pool was doled out by Smash Summit 5, with a sum of $83,758.

Based on the tournament’s website, a massive bulk of Smash Summit 11’s bonus pool, 93%, was crowd financed. Therefore, that money wasn’t simply given to the game’s bonus pool. 

Alternatively, enthusiasts were incentivized to deliver payment at the competition by applying them into votes for members. 

Enthusiasts could give money and buy stock or subscribe to the event’s Twitch channel for votes they can then place towards making their beloved opponents into the game.


List Of Mele’s Best Players

A great list of Melee’s best players will be competing in Smash Summit 11, involving:

  • Justin “Plup” McGrath
  • Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni
  • Nick Yingling
  • Joseph “Mang0” Marquez
  • Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma
  • Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson
  • Egard “n0ne” Shelby

Smash Summit 11 will likewise be competing with Melee’s leading main in-person competition as the origin of the CoronaVirus epidemic. 

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While viewers will have to see matches on the event’s Twitch channel, members will be lying next to each other and performing for the initial time in 2019. 

Competing Melee has proceeded during the epidemic, though, principally thanks to a mod for the game named Slippi that continued rollback netcode to the 20-year-old tournament.

Wrap It Up

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