Farming Simulator 19: Tricks You Need To Know As A Novice


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Are you coping with Farming Simulator 19? Seems no further than these suggestions to get you a farming extraordinaire.

Farming Simulator 19 can be fascinating for a beginner. It does give you a tutorial, but for the most part, it just places you on a farm with complex machines and shows you how to make a living.

  • This is desirable to equip one tractor with spare wheels to evade harm to the plants throughout weed control and fertilization at later growth scenes. It is not worth losing straw. Be cautious, hence, because a lot of straw is being built.
  • Weeding can just be done in the first or second growth period. If you ignore this, your yield will be decreased by 20% due to plants. If weeds have emerged in an uncultivated area, this method will further damage them.
  • Spraying weeds, preferably utilizing weeders, will not guard you against the possibility of weeds developing later.
  • Areas that can be purchased continuously are “civilized” by the AI. Wait for an unusual plot of land till the crop is accumulated on it – you will be able to harvest it immediately.
  • In the initial stages of the game, it is deserving of utilizing machines and transportation leasing. Remember that you cannot recover the used appliances in the extra scenes of the game only after they have been settled again.
  • You hold the plants when you relax on them (this option becomes disable in-game conditions). Plants do not cancel each other, only in the initial scene of growth.
  • Therefore, if you can damage plants allowed, fertilize the field before settling and in the first growth phase. Then attempt to weed them; otherwise, you will waste a portion of your harvest.
  • If you utilize journey control, pay consideration: when you give over the work to an agent, he will run at the maximum rate permitted by the voyage administration, e.g., if you have installed the journey power at 20km/h, and the machine can run at 25km/h, the agent will not apply the full potential speed and will travel at 20km/h. 
  • Sometimes you can utilize this to your advantage: e.g., when two devices with diverse working rates move together in the field.
  • When traveling with voyage control turned on, you can likewise use the table: the vehicle will proceed driving.
  • The harvester goes behind several straws when harvesting grain – corn, grain, cereal, or oats. You can store it with a filling wagon or make packages out of it.
  • If you don’t need to assemble it, storing it in your combined equipment is required unless vast piles of straw can block different devices that will run in this area.
  • You can utilize teleportation: if your transportation or equipment reverses, you can choose the Reset key from the map. The vehicle will arrive next to the market. 
  • Be cautious; hence, if you reset your vehicle, you will remove all its contents; also, you will waste fuel in the form of a tractor or join equipment.

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  • It is worth making machinery houses – they will assist you better prepare the area for left-over tools / raw stuff and products. But be cautious: if you build homes on rough ground, you will spend much more money.
  • Have an eye on which tractor you apply for which duties. If you select a weaker machine for a particular job, it will be less effective. 
  • As a law, you don’t want quick machines for transportation or spraying in Farming Simulator 19, and details such as tank size or maneuverability may be more significant.

Originally, you can save your products in “public” silos (by the railroad tracks) without any sales or still on the ground. Still, not all the details can raise without spoons and layer modes. You can save everything like: yields, seeds, or also excess fertilizers or grains.


With these points in mind, you will be on your route to knowing and arranging the most out of this wonderful game.

Govind Dhiman
Govind Dhiman
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