Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Some Updates And Innovations In August 2021


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With the most present update to Animal Crossing, enthusiasts have eventually become what they have questioned for – at least in part. Though it is not as strong as several would have loved, it does describe the first actual update in a lengthy time.

Also, if it is essentially annual, few notable innovations are happening in the universe of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here are some updates and modifications that will be happening in August.

Seasonal items

Annual events always get seasonal things. During this period, new things will be computed for the forthcoming events, such as the Chuseok celebration (in September).

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Obon will continue in August and combine new things such as the cucumber horse and eggplant calf.


New island aesthetics

Members in the Southern Hemisphere will encounter diverse climate aspects as the Aurora will no longer be noticeable. Northern Hemisphere members will be required to pause till the end of September to receive new hedges and things.



Critters usually got and went seasonally, and their spawns may switch as well. There will be many unique critters in August, involving the soft striped tortoise, moray eel, light, flatworm, changing beetle, rice grasshopper, and hiker cicada.

Bug Off

Each third Saturday in the summertime months, August is one, will entertain a Bug Off. The bugBug Off adventure is easy: pass as several bugs as potential within a period frame. 

These bugs can be exchanged for bug similar things like clothing, furniture, etc. Isabelle will recall members in the days driving up to the event to ignore or avoid it. There will be one additional Bug Off for the time in September.

Fireworks and seasonal events

Fireworks have been a traditional yearly event in Animal Crossing. Several annual events are recurring, and the fireworks celebration is a perfect event for several Animal Crossing members. 

There are hence, different seasonal events programmed for August. Some more outlined for September, but in August, the Obon Festival, a brand new extension, will work from August 10th-16th. 

The fireworks will be repaired and have new things: popsicles, cotton confectionery, and fruit tea.

Wrap It Up

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