The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date
The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date

The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date: Where to Watch This Show?

The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date: Fans of the BBC One comedy The Cleaner, get ready: it has officially been renewed for a second season. The sitcom, based on the German program Der Tatortreiniger, premiered in September 2021 and centers on Paul “Wicky” Winstead (Greg Davies), a crime scene cleaner from Shropshire who frequently runs across the friends, coworkers, and neighbors of murder victims when they aren’t supposed to be there.

Wicky, a character based on Heiko “Schotty” Schotte (Bjarne Mädel) from Der Tatortreiniger, will be played by Davies once more. The BBC Comedy Director, Jon Petrie, announced that The Cleaner would be renewed during a speech in which he also outlined a list of new commissions and goals for the network and promised to invest an additional £10 million in new comedy content over the following two years.

Speaking on the second season, Davies said: “I’m beyond pleased we get to do it again. It was such a pleasure bringing Wicky and his bloody career to life. I’m so ecstatic that I don’t mean to remark how perspirant that hazmat suit becomes in low light. Simply put, we had to burn it. However, I’m still thrilled.” Thanks, BBC.

“We’re extremely happy to be returning for a second series of the Cleaner,” executive producer Vivien Muller Rommel continued. “And the Christmas Special will be bloody wonderful, I swear.”

The Taskmaster actor will again pen Season 2 of The Cleaner, with one other co-writer for every episode coming from the likes of Paul Allen, Ronan Blaney, Barry Castagnola, Meg Stalter, and Mike Wozniak. What would The Cleaner season 2 be about and who will join Davies in the cast? To learn everything, continue reading.

The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date

The Cleaner season 2 has not yet been given a release date. The Cleaner is expected to resume filming later this year, according to a British Comedy Guide story from April 2022. In light of this, we anticipate seeing the series on our televisions as soon as possible.

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The Cleaner Season 2 Announce or Not?

Season 2 of The Cleaner has not yet been confirmed. We anticipate that it will be verified soon. The release date for The Cleaner Season 2 appears to be approaching. All its viewers eagerly anticipate the announcement of The Cleaner’s second season.

The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date
The Cleaner Season 2 Release Date

We anticipate that BBC One will shortly order a second season of the show The Cleaner. See what happens after that. The second season of the television shows The Cleaner is likely to be released. We will update this page if we learn any new information on The Cleaner’s second season. Therefore, be sure to return often to this website. Let’s take a look at The Cleaner’s second season’s cast.

The Cleaner Season 2 Cast

Greg Davies, who will reprise his role as Wicky in The Cleaner season 2, is the only confirmed cast member to return. Given that the season 1 ending hinted at a blossoming relationship between Ruth and the police officer, we would also anticipate Zita Sattar U to return to the show in those roles.

It’s unclear at this time whether any of The Cleaner season 1’s cast members will return for the second season or if a new cast will be assembled for that episode. Season 1 guest stars that might produce this year include:

  • Shobu Kapoor as Neeta
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Sheila
  • Ruth Madeley as Helena
  • Georgie Glen as Mrs Gathernoid
  • David Mitchell as Terence Redford
  • Stephanie Cole as Vivienne Hosier
  • Donald Sumpter as Sir James
  • Layton Williams as Hosea
  • Jo Hartley as Maggie
  • Esmonde Cole as Tony
  • Barry Castagnola as Weasel

What Will The Cleaner Season 2 Be About?

A few questions remained unanswered in The Cleaner’s first season, mainly about Wicky and his connection to Ruth, a police officer. Although we may anticipate that the second season will continue where the first one did, official storyline specifics have not been revealed, so viewers will have to wait for additional information.

In September 2021, when discussing the prospect of a second season, Davies dropped a few indications regarding the show’s future and direction, saying that the options were “limitless.” One of the things that truly excites me about this show, according to him, is its scope for tackling challenging issues.

And by including a straightforward, compassionate person as the connecting person, I believe there are no restrictions on where we can go with it, the topics we can talk about, or the things we can show his innocent eyes.

He continued, “I would want to continue with it, but you know, I don’t want to tempt fate.” And Mizzi [Meyer, the author of the original German version] made it abundantly plain that she would be glad for us to, you know, go off on our trajectory, much like other shows have done.

The Cleaner Season 2 Trailer

The Cleaner Season 2 has not yet released a trailer. After the second season’s confirmation, we anticipate its quick release. Let’s view The Cleaner Season 1 trailer. On August 29, 2021, BBC Trailers released it. Look at it below.


Where to Watch The Cleaner Season 2?

The Cleaner is a TV show that you can watch on BBC One. The Cleaner, a BBC One television series, will return for a second season. See what happens after that.

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