Vigil Season 2 Release Date
Vigil Season 2 Release Date

Vigil Season 2 Release Date: Has The Show Finally Been Renewed?

Vigil Season 2 Release Date: Vigil was going to make a big splash on our screens even before it torpedoed its way onto them. But it exceeded everyone’s hopes and became a full-fledged juggernaut, the BBC’s highest-watched new drama premiere since Bodyguard in 2018.

Over 13 million viewers watched episode one over 30 days, with 12.6 million tuning in on average for the entire series. You can tell these guys know how to keep us glued to the sofa since this drama is directed by World Productions, whose extensive resume includes both Line of Duty and Bodyguard and a slew of other highly regarded dramas.

Therefore, it was only before Vigil season two was officially announced. But after everything that happened in that dishonest submarine, what will happen? Will Suranne Jones be back in battle, and if so, how will someone persuade her to return to those dark depths after nearly drowning the last time she was in combat?

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Vigil Season 2 Release Date

Thankfully, the second season of Vigil was approved for release in March 2022. Now that we know when it will return to our screens, it remains to figure out what is going on. We will venture a guess that it’s doubtful we’ll see it until at least 2023 given that filming hasn’t even begun. When we learn more, we’ll let you know.

Vigil Season 2 Plot

The first thrilling season showed viewers Amy and her colleagues on land spending weeks digging into everything from Russian spies and drug-fueled accidents to private transfers to find those responsible for the death onboard the nuclear submarine.

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After Amy learned that Matthew Doward was the ship’s traitor, she was locked within a torpedo tube that quickly filled with water as the gripping season one finale picked up where episode five left off.

Fortunately, we witnessed her successfully escape the predicament by using her torch to scrawl a Morse code message on the walls of the tube and notify Lieutenant Commander Mark Prentice of Adam James’ presence.

Of course, things don’t exactly go as planned because she unintentionally informed Doward that he had not yet succeeded in silencing her. Prentice pulled Amy out of the tube and told her to run as he chased the Russian spy away. He lost his life in the process of completing his journey toward atonement.

Doward was detained for his involvement in the plot after Amy revealed him as the covert saboteur who attempted to bring down the HMS battleship with the help of petty officer Tara Kierly.

Vigil Season 2 Release Date
Vigil Season 2 Release Date

After being subjected to a lethal nerve agent in the previous episode, Elliot Glover was later seen regaining consciousness. Amy resumed her relationship with DS Kirsten Longacre, her ex-partner, and righthand woman, throughout the investigation. Season two’s premise is currently unknown. However, we know that the cast will return to Scotland to film.

The submarine was called Vigil, and Jones’ DCI Silva descended upon it following a suspicious death. Tom Edge, a writer, claims they will depart from the submarine and relocate somewhere a little drier. He previously stated to that “We have probably told as many of the stories as we would desire to tell on a submarine.”

“Some of the personalities we have created as we went along feel like somebody we’d want to get lost in. Therefore, I would be willing to participate if the other people are.” Therefore, the team may reverse gears and abandon the season one plot instead of concentrating on a character who was present in the show but wasn’t its main character.

We’ll keep you informed of any updates if you keep checking back here.

Who Will Be in The Vigil Season 2 Cast?

Suranne Jones, who plays DCI Amy Silva in the Vigil, is the only cast member whose return has been officially announced. We anticipate that Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) will also make a comeback; now that they have rekindled their romance, they might become a legendary crime-fighting team.

We may have seen the last of most of the Vigil crew, including Shaun Evans as Elliot Glover, Anjli Mohindra as Tiffany Docherty, Patterson Joseph as Neil Newsome, and Connor Swindells as Simon Hadlow. Writer Tom Edge has stated that another season centered on the submarine is doubtful.

Naturally, we may meet more of these individuals in a new context, perhaps delving into the fallout from the previous series, but it’s still too early to tell. There are, however, quite a few characters who may be categorically ruled out after meeting their demise during the first run, including Martin Compston as Craig Burke, Lauren Lyle as Jade Antoniak, and Adam James as Mark Prentice.

Given the excellent cast assembled for the first run, we’d expect World Productions would be able to recruit some vast names, especially following the popularity of the series. Any second run would also be sure to bring in a lot of new characters.

Vigil Season 2 Trailer

The Vigil Season 2 official trailer has not yet been released. It appears that its publication is imminent. Watch the official Vigil series trailer for the first season. The BBC published it on May 2, 2021. Look at it below.



Our objective is to provide accurate and current information on the Season of the Vigil release date. This report used data from IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Wikipedia, and fans. “Vigil,” a well-liked TV program, has returned for a second season. The second season will undoubtedly live up to the previous season’s success among viewers. The show will keep you entertained because it is chock-full of drama, romance, and humor.

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