Tekken Bloodline Anime Ending Explained
Tekken Bloodline Anime Ending Explained

Tekken Bloodline Anime Ending Explained: Who Died In The Fight Heihachi Or Jun?

The story of “Tekken: Bloodline” is based on the original “Tekken” video game, which follows a young child named Jin Kazama as he is trained by his mother, Jun Kazama, and his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. From Jin’s earliest days, he was trained by Jun Kazama, who subsequently instructed him in every known form of Kazama martial arts. In this post, you will read the Tekken Bloodline anime ending, and other more details.

She instilled pacifism of Kazama in him and helped him learn to make more thoughtful choices. Nonetheless, when Jin might attract an ogre to help him fight off local bullies, Jun retaliated with a massive explosion that drove the monster away. However, it is implied that Jun was killed in the explosion.

Jin followed Jun’s instructions and visited his grandfather to continue his training after being told to stop hanging around the region. In order to make Jin a champion in the King’s tournament and to prepare him to meet the Ogre head-on, Heihachi puts him through rigorous training.

After Jin becomes king and vanquishes the ogre, he is betrayed by his own mentor, Heihachi. Having publicly denounced the Mishima family by smashing a monument of Heihachi, the first season ends with Jin taking flight away from the competition.

Is It Possible That Jin Did Not Slay The Real Ogre?

Jin Kazama’s mother was killed by the Ogre in the first episode, making him an orphan. Kazama combat tactics are nearly useless against a green monster. Jun had previously suggested that Jin avoid the Ogre by seeking out and training with his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. However, Jin rushed into combat when he saw his mother in a vulnerable position and losing to the Ogre.

When Jin came to, he heard an explosion and realized he’d been badly defeated and put out by the Ogre. Jun had lured the Ogre to her home where she had prepared a trap to eliminate it. However, she intended to perish in the blast, leaving Jin on his own to track down his grandfather. The next step is for Jin to leave his comfort zone and travel to the metropolis in search of his grandfather, Heihachi.

“Who Was Kazuo Mishima?” The Devil Gene

Tekken Bloodline
Tekken Bloodline

Season one of “Tekken: Bloodline” introduces viewers to the world of video game adaptations. Kazuya Kazama, who also carried the Devil Gene, was killed by his father Heihachi in the second contest for the throne. No other information about him is provided. The elder Mishima, Heihachi, was defeated and hurled off the cliff by his younger son, Kazuya.

It was said that Kazuya was a cold and ruthless individual who took pleasure in publicly humiliating his opponents right up until the finish of the competition. Heihachi wins round two and kills Kazuya by throwing him into an erupting volcano.

Because of something called the “Devil Gene,” this happened. Likely, Kazuya succumbed to the Devil Gene’s hunger and madness. To put it simply, the Devil Gene is a genetic anomaly. A normal person can benefit from this abnormality and become a lethal fighting machine. Kazuya used the Devil Gene to defeat Heihachi during their battle, but in doing so, he lost his mind. When considering how Heihachi dealt with Jin, it’s easy to see why he’s been called a dictator.

What Happened To Heihachi? Did He Get Killed In The Battle With Jun Kazama?

The “death” of Jun Kazama may be traced back mostly to Heihachi Mishima. Heihachi unleashed the Ogre, and because his men had built a jail that could contain the monster, he decided to unleash it on the Kazamas. Heihachi’s initial interrogation of Jin concerning his location at the time of the Ogre attack and the events leading up to it were highly suspicious.

Surely Heihachi knew that Kazuya had a son and that this kid was, in a sense, growing in knowledge and strength with each passing day. To validate Jin’s power and eliminate any potential obstacles, Heihachi dispatched the Ogre. Heihachi began his training after Jin approached him at his mother’s request. To help Jin reach his full potential, he prepared him to become the strongest fighter in the Mishima family.

Tekken Bloodline Anime Ending Explained

Ogre roars menacingly as he plummets from the skies at the start of Episode 6. Heihachi takes the necklace and looks at it happily. Jin reflects back on his mother’s ordeal at the hands of the demon.

Jin rushes to confront Ogre, but his initial attacks are ineffective. As much as the other warriors would like to assist, Heihachi has sternly warned them to stay out of it. In comparison to when he was younger, Jin now feels more secure while facing Jin.

An ogre easily knocks Jin around, and memories of his mother’s training him when he was a kid flood back. As well, he keeps in mind Heihachi’s advice that “hesitation is a weakness.” He’s using Kazama’s and Mishima’s techniques together to take on the monster. The ogre is vanquished by Jin.

Though Heihachi wants the Ogre imprisoned, Jin assures him that the monster has passed away. Jin elaborates on his decision to leave the tournament and Heihachi. His grandfather is the one he holds responsible for everyone’s deaths, in his eyes. The green light returns to the sky, and the Ogre’s energy explodes out in the same color.

The ogre has grown larger and more powerful; it now has wings and can soar through the air while carrying a snake in one of its arms. Jin is grabbed, but the other warriors quickly arrive to help. Heihachi observes everything from the sidelines, beaming.

As a group, the combatants applaud Jin’s success in vanquishing Ogre. Heihachi reveals to Jin that he has taken revenge for his mother’s death, but that he is cursed just like his father. When Jin tries to intervene, Heihachi pulls out a revolver and shoots him in the chest. He boasts to the fighting forces that he has destroyed a huge and terrible evil. There is visible movement in Jin’s body as Heihachi speaks.

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