Stream or Skip The Revenge of Scar On Netflix
Stream or Skip The Revenge of Scar On Netflix

Is It Worth Of Watching Fullmetal Alchemist The Revenge of Scar On Netflix?

The second of three live-action films based on Hiromu Arakawa’s 80 million-selling manga Fullmetal Alchemist is now streaming on Netflix. It follows the story of Edward Alric, the youngest State Alchemist in Amestris’s history, who along with his brother Alphonse tried to bring their mother back from the dead, resulting in Edward losing an arm and a leg, which he replaced with metal prosthetics. Here we will read about Fullmetal Alchemist revenge on scar going to be on Netflix.

If you understand even a portion of this, congratulations: you are among the millions of people around the world who love this series and can’t wait to see the new film. If you don’t understand it and it all sounds like a bunch of gibberish, the movie won’t help you dive into the bizarre world of steampunk historical fiction that is Fullmetal Alchemist.

Totally, Alchemist, It’s Up to Us to Decide If We Stream It Or Not: Still, The Revenge of Scar holds up well enough after all that. This is just fine. STREAM IT, but only if you’re already aware of the ins and outs of the franchise and know exactly what’s going on.

There’s a masked guy staring down an Alchemist with a handlebar mustache; these government employees are warrior-magicians. The man in the cloak draws down his hood without ruining his perfectly moussed hair, a minor feat in and of itself. He must be the man described by the section of the movie’s title that comes after the colon because a huge X-shaped scar slices between his eyes, from forehead to cheekbone. Our antagonist’s newest State Alchemist victim is tossed off a bridge after being thrown there by our hero.

Edward (Ryosuke Yamada) and his robotic brother Alphonse (Atom Mizuishi) are late for a train, but there can be only one Fullmetal Alchemist. They’re just settling in when a fight breaks out between some heavily armed thugs and ninja types and, eventually, a shapeshifter named Envy (Kanata Hongo), but the train keeps speeding along the track anyway, in keeping with the Law of Unstoppable Momentum in movies, which also applies to vehicles, most frequently semi-trucks, that never stop speeding along the track no matter how many fender benders are thrown at them.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist

Politics, history, cultural differences, and other such complexities are to blame for all of this. You probably won’t ever catch up if you haven’t already. Scar (Mackenyu Arata), on the other hand, is an agent of chaos intent on revenge, a morally ambiguous creature who was twisted into his current shape after enduring a brutal genocidal war. Which is how morally tense?

The story’s characters come and go, usually to take part in brawls or make dramatic speeches about their feelings. Mustang (Dean Fujioka), a Flame Alchemist, is a renowned guy who, for some reason, doesn’t seem to comprehend that his things don’t spark in the rain. Gluttony (Shinji Uchiyama) is a man-creature whose chest expands into a big multifaced monster-mouth that swallows his enemies whole, and there are roots and flashbacks, as well as fighting factions.

Extremely powerful pink energy blasts can also be seen coming from the mouth. The scar is a severe adversary for Edward and Alphonse, who regularly abuses the fortunately replaceable sections of their bodies. Extreme drama and bloodshed occur, frequently including amputated limbs. There are a lot of amputated limbs. This theme serves as a striking visual element.

The Films It Will Make You Think Of: Not Jake Gyllenhaal’s greatest hour, but that’s fine; the cheap-looking green-screen CGI (it’s aesthetic, I assume) and relentless action interspersed with uninteresting bits reminded me of Prince of Persia. The phrase “the Philosopher’s Stone” pops up a lot, which is extremely Harry Potter.

To see Tsubasa Honda, who plays Edward’s lifelong pal Wintry Rockbell, actually, let go in one of those theatrical emotional outbursts is worth your time. Her persona is given a genuine development that stands on its own without prior knowledge of the events of the other two live-action Fullmetal films.

Quote of the Day: Scar says, “I am that pus known as hatred, spawned from the civil war.” Coincidentally, I have this quote embroidered on a cushion on the davenport in the den. And even God can’t stop me from decaying like pus.

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