Levi Ackerman From Attack On Titan
Levi Ackerman From Attack On Titan

Who Is Levi Ackerman From Attack On Titan?

The mangaka Hajime Isayama created and draws Attack on Titan, a popular Japanese manga series. The tale follows Eren Yeager, who pledges to wipe out the Titans after they destroy his community and kill his mother. The setting is a planet where humans are trapped inside of cities protected by three massive walls from the giant man-eating humanoids known as Titans. Here you will read about Levi Ackerman of AOT and all details about him.

After running in Kodansha’s monthly shonen manga magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine from September 2009 to April 2021, the 34 tankbon volumes collecting the whole series were released in December 2012. Wit Studio (seasons 1-3) and MAPPA Animation Studio (seasons 4) collaborated to create an anime TV series (season 4).

Attack On Titan Season one aired from April to September 2013 and consisted of 25 episodes; season two aired from April to June of 2017 and featured 12 episodes. The third season’s 22 episodes were split into two parts, the first 12 shows from July to October 2018 and the second 10 from April to July 2019. Attack On Titan Season 4, the last, premiered in December of 2020 with 16 episodes. Part 2, with its 12 episodes, ran from January to April of 2022, and Part 3, with its 13 episodes, will debut in 2023.

Levi Ackerman

Captain Levi Ackerman, also known as just “Levi,” is the senior member of the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Squad and is generally considered the strongest soldier in human history.

Levi Ackerman Appearance

Levi’s narrow, scary, dismal grey eyes are complemented by dark circles under his eyes and a youthful visage that belies his actual age. Although he is quite short, his body is surprisingly muscular due to his extensive use of vertical maneuvering equipment. It’s hard to read his expressions, which are either a frown or a blank face, and his exceedingly reserved manner.

Usually, he wears his Survey Corps uniform, which consists of a dark blue jacket, a white shirt, and a white ascot. He also dons the Survey Corps’ green hooded cloak whenever he goes on missions beyond the city walls. Levi was once spotted dressed for the occasion in a black suit, white shirt, ascot, and formal shoes while on medical leave from work. (Citation required) Since the start of the coup, however, he has stopped wearing the ascot. For the majority of the time he and the Survey Corps were on the run from the military and monarchy, he went about in nothing more than the harness for his vertical maneuvering equipment.

Levi Ackerman Personality


Levi’s early upbringing instilled in him a preference for tidiness, and those who know him well characterize him as a “clean freak.” He hates becoming dirty, and will even clean his blades in the middle of combat if they get covered in blood. But if he thinks it’ll get the job done, he won’t be above touching the dirt.

Levi is very clean-oriented, but he is not very friendly. He’s emotionally distant, giving off an air of ice. His opinions and delivery are typically crude and inappropriate, and he has a reputation for being abrasive. When challenged, he will not hesitate to insult or insult those who challenge him. In general, he has a taste for crude, offensive, and gloomy humor. As a result, many find him to be disturbing for these reasons.

Levi Ackerman Abilities

Equipment for Vertical Maneuvering

Everyone agrees that Levi is the best at utilizing the vertical maneuvering equipment because of how proficient he is with it. After missing many fingers, Levi was able to use the equipment almost as readily as before. He is rumored to be so powerful that he can outweigh an entire brigade. Even before he joined the Survey Corps, he had a reputation for being a formidable fighter.

Despite the best efforts of whole squads and even Eren in his Titan form, he was able to render the Female Titan unable to defend herself. He even bested one of the most powerful Warriors in the Marley army, the incredibly skilled Titan Zeke Yeager, while in Beast Titan form.


Mastery of the vertical maneuvering equipment is unmistakable evidence of Levi’s great physical strength. His compact frame is packed with powerful muscle, making him both extremely strong and difficult to overcome. Levi uses the Female Titan’s hand to hurl himself at her mouth, avoiding an assault that would have hit Mikasa. Despite this, he continues to hurt himself.


In addition to his incredible martial prowess, Levi has also demonstrated a remarkable capacity for quickly analyzing circumstances and making calculating decisions under pressure.

To name just two examples, he saves Mikasa from certain death when she attempts to kill the Female Titan on her own and he uses chairs, a double-barreled shotgun, and even corpses to defeat Kenny Ackerman in a bar fight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Levi More Popular Than Eren?

He has incredible speed and mental agility. When it comes to fighting, Levi is far more impressive than he appears. There is a divine quality to his combat prowess. He dispatched the female titan faster and more accurately than any other scout. To put it simply, he was the saving grace that allowed them to save Eren.

How Old Is Levi?

He is nearly 30-33 years old. One of the most watched and critically praised anime series of all time is Attack on Titan. The Attack on Titan anime series, based on the manga by Hajime Isayama, debuted in 2013 and is expected to run through 2023.

Is Levi The Best Titan Killer?

When it comes to our top picks, it should come as no surprise that Levi Ackerman is number one. He can soar through the air on his ODM equipment as if he were born wearing it, and he is the best Titan assassin around.

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