stevens fiance in tell me lies
stevens fiance in tell me lies

Who is Stevens Fiance In Tell Me Lies and More About Him?

The Tell Me Lies Season 1 finale delivered twist after twist until the end.

In the last few seconds of Episode 10, “The Bedrooms of Our Friends,” Stephen and Lucy finally see each other again at Bree and Evan’s engagement party after being apart for years. Stephen drops the final bomb: He’s engaged. But not to Diana, as everyone thought. When his fiancee shows up at the party and says something awkward to Lucy, we find out that Stephen is engaged to…Lydia!

What is her name? You might remember if you’ve been paying close attention to the series. But the twist is so random and out of the blue that we can see why people are confused. Here is all the information you need about Stephen’s new girlfriend.

Who Is Stephen’s Girlfriend Lydia On Tell Me Lies?

In the end, Lydia is mentioned more than once. When Lucy’s exams are over, she tells Stephen that Lydia’s dad is on a country club board and could get him a job working the front desk. Stephen gets angry and tells her that a job at the front desk is beneath him.

Later in the episode, before she goes home for the summer, Lucy calls Lydia from her dorm room to tell her she misses her. Lydia says she broke up with Rob and is so happy that she no longer has to deal with his “bullshit.” “I can’t believe I put up with him being so mean for so long.

She tells Lucy, “I feel so much better now.” Maybe Lucy introduces Lydia and Stephen to each other over the summer, then breaks up with Stephen for treating her poorly like Lydia did. Only time will tell (and, hopefully, a second season).

Meaghan Oppenheimer, who is in charge of the show, told Decider that the Lydia twist wasn’t in the book but in her original pitch for the show.

“That was the end of my pitch to Hulu, but they didn’t hire me. “Then he shows up with Lydia,” she said to explain what she meant. “I thought, ‘Who’s the craziest person he could show up with?'” And I don’t think anyone will guess that, so that makes me happy.”

We did not expect it. You’re right about that.

What Happened Between Stephen And Diana? Where Did Stephen And Lucy Go?

When we last saw Stephen in his college years, he had abandoned Lucy and departed the Hawaiian Party hand in hand with Diana. This was the last time we saw Stephen.

Because it was intended that Stephen would spend the summer in the city with Diana and work as a paralegal for her father’s firm, we naturally believed that the two would begin a romantic relationship and most likely get married (partially out of convenience for Stephen). But they went their separate ways at some point along the route.

Oppenheimer has stated that she intends to respond to our Stephen/Lucy/Diana/Lydia queries if the show is given a renewal for a second season.

stevens fiance in tell me lies

“The objective, should we cross our fingers, be granted a second season, would still be to visit college. I want to finish all of my college coursework. Therefore, every one of the unanswered questions where people are thinking, “How the heck did that come to be?” We will get into every one of those things: What brought Stephen and Lydia together as a couple?

Where did he stand in Diana’s eyes after their relationship? When was the last time Steven and Lucy were in the same room together? Mainly because it wasn’t the Hawaiian party. “There’s a greater degree of entanglement,” she remarked. “If I had to guess, I’d say that wasn’t their first divorce. So, the answer is that I do have a lot of plans. I was discussing ideas with some other authors, and we came up with all kinds of wacky stuff we could do.

Natalee Linez, In Tell Me Lies, portrays Lydia

Even though she appears in only three episodes, Lydia’s bond with Lucy, and subsequently Stephen, is essential to the overall plot of Tell Me Lies. She is slightly different from the source material, yet she generates some utterly unexpected and ironic situations. The actress who plays Lydia, Natalee Linez, considers the character a significant component of her expanding repertory.

She appeared as a special guest star not just in the most recent episode of 9-1-1 but also in The Good Doctor. Since Natalee has been on multiple episodes of Power Book III: Raising Kanan and Siren in recurring parts, it is clear that she is an actress to keep an eye on. Tell Me Lies has been updated on Hulu, so all ten episodes may now be viewed online.

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