Shetland Season 8
Shetland Season 8

Shetland Season 8: When is it Going to be Released?

Shetland is a British Crime Drama series made by ITV Studios for BBC and first Broadcast on March 10, 2013. The series is based on the novels of Ann Cleves. The series has made fans crazy about Scottish crime cases. Fans are eagerly waiting for Shetland Season 8.

Here, we mentioned all the details related to Shetland Season 8:

Shetland ended season seven with the departure of DI Jimmy Perez, which could have easily killed off this beloved detective drama. But the BBC has enough faith in the series to renew it for the eighth season. BBC knows how to give us thrilling crime dramas. Even without their leads who’s been with the show these past nine years.

What’s the Release Date Of Shetland Season 8?

Because of the departure of Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez at the end of season seven, it seemed likely that Shetland would get canceled. But it’s safe to say that new episodes of Shetland will kick things off with the introduction of a brand new lead, alongside the usual cases that fans have come to love across the past.

When Shetland’s season eight renewal was announced, the BBC confirmed that filming for these new episodes will start at some point in 2023. The release date of Shetland Season 8 has not been confirmed yet. But we can expect that Shetland Season 8 released in 2023.

When you can Watch Shetlands’ Season 8 Trailer?

There is no official announcement for the trailer yet. But we can expect to see new footage for Shetland’s eighth season a few months later in the summer, or around autumn 2023.

Will Jimmy come back in Shetlands’ season 8?

It is very difficult to expect a new season of Shetland without Jimmy Perez and it seems like an impossibility. But the BBC is making the impossible possible since the crime drama will soon become a reality. In conversation with the BBC, Henshall said, “I’ll miss him and the place.

I wish everyone involved much luck with whatever happens next. Although not much has been revealed about season 8 as of yet. And it is not yet confirmed whether Jimmy Perez will come back or not in Shetlands’ season 8.

Who Will be the Star Cast of Shetland Season 8?

The release date and trailer of Shetland Season 8 have not yet been confirmed. However, it does not end at that. Duncan Hunter plays the role of Mark Bonner will also not return in the first episode of season 8 and the upcoming season.

Apart from these, we expect the following cast members to return. However, BBC hasn’t revealed the official cast list as of yet:

Alison O’Donnell:

Alison O’Donnell is a Scottish television, stage, and film actress from Mother well. There is hope that Alison O’Donnell come back in season 8 and will play the role of a detective named Alison Tosh.

Steven Robertson:

Steven Robertson is a Scottish actor. In the previous season of Shetland Steven Robertson was cast as detective DC Sandy Wilson. There is hope that Steven Robertson will come back in season 8 of Shetland.

Julie Graham is rumored to reprise the role of the public prosecutor Rhona Kelly. However, we are still not sure about the casting roles of Lucianne McEvoy and Erin Armstrong.

No matter what, one thing we are sure about is that there will be a slew of guest appearances who will bring along with them new problems for the authorities to solve.

What Happened With Jimmy in Shetlands’ Last Season?

Shetland has long hinted at Jimmy’s exit, but it wasn’t until the very end of season seven that how he’d depart the show. But at the end of season 7, Jimmy helped a man escape extradition and death, which was the right thing to do.

“If the last thing I do is help an innocent man, I’m good with that,” Jimmy told Rhona in the season seven finale. And so marks the end of Jimmy’s role as a detective.

Who will Replace Douglas Henshall in Shetland?

The question in the fans’ hearts is who will replace Douglas Henshall in Shetland Season 8. The BBC has since confirmed that a new lead will be ushered in, much like other similar shows such as The Bay. But who could that be?

The BBC has confirmed that the show will welcome a new lead, which will undoubtedly create plenty of interesting narrative fodder.

When Jimmy’s surprise exit was first announced, Douglas Henshall shared a statement on his departure, saying: “I’ll miss him and the place. I wish everyone involved much luck with whatever happens next.”

Douglas Henshall told in an interview, “It will be weird knowing they’re shooting the eighth series of Shetland and I’m not there”. I hope it works out and I wish you success for season 8 of Shetland. And it is not yet confirmed who will replace Douglas Henshall in season 8 of Shetland.

For more updates on Shetland season 8, stay tuned with us.

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