Ride Or Dies Premiere
Ride Or Dies Premiere

The Challenge Ride Or Dies Premiere: Nelson’s Losing Streak Continues

In season 38’s opening episode, “Don’t Die For Me, Argentina,” who was eliminated? Nelson Thomas has never won The Challenge, but he has the longest losing streak in the show’s history, which is unlikely to be broken for a long time, if ever.

The former contestant on “Are You the One?” hasn’t won a daily challenge in the last 51 competitions (and counting! ), but during the premiere of “The Challenge: Ride or Dies” on Wednesday, he almost broke that streak. But unfortunately for Nelson and the other veterans on the show, he still holds the record for the longest losing streak in the daily challenges.

Before “Bolas for Blood,” the season’s first challenge, a producer asks Nelson when he last won. This makes Nelson and his partner/ex-partner Nurys laugh. It’s crazy that this is now a running joke on the show, and it’s even funnier when Nelson and Nurys come close to winning this daily. In “Bolas for Blood,” teams have to answer three questions about their partnership.

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For example, one question is, “What’s your combined age?” Teams must also find the bolas with the correct numbers in a giant mud pit and attach them to their station. Once they answer all three questions correctly, they have to run all the bolas to the last station. The first person to get there wins.

Ride Or Dies Premiere

In a strange turn of events, Nelson and Nurys finish answering their three questions first. Nelson is excited to be in the lead, close to the end of the challenge, and possibly end his losing streak. But when they ask for a check, they are told that one of their answers is wrong because Nelson gave the wrong answer for his age. Even adding up the numbers wasn’t a mistake. He forgot how old he was. You can’t make up things like this. This time, Nelly T, you’ve topped yourself.

Because of Nelson’s mistake, their team loses the lead, and Johnny and Ravyn, two newcomers, end up coming in first. It’s impressive that a group of first-timers won their first challenge, beating all the veterans and past winners. And what’s even more impressive is that Johnny and Ravyn decide to go all out and use their new power to go after veterans instead of just focusing on the rookies.

Johnny and Ravyn deal with everyone during their interrogation, even though they say they’re not here to make deals. Jack tries to throw Colleen and Kim under the bus because she’s been telling everyone that her original show was Love Island Germany. Still, she won the German version of The Mole by being the mole and lying to everyone.

Before the season started, Jakk did some basic research on each competitor. It was easy to find out it was a lie, but that didn’t stop Johnny and Ravyn from making a list of vets to kill. After making a rookie alliance with last season’s winner Amber B and veteran Jay, they’re even more determined to go after the vets. They want to use the difference in numbers to finally take control of the game, which they haven’t been able to do before. In the end, Johnny and Ravyn choose Kailah and Sam to go through to the next round.

As for their opponents, TJ says that the infamous “Draw” is back! The other three teams who were questioned had to pick one of three daggers stuck into a rock. Tori, Devin, Laurel, and Jakk each like a dagger with nothing on it, so they think they’re safe. Colleen and Kim, two rookies from Germany, pick up the last sword and see that it says “safe” on the blade.

This means they get to choose who goes up against Kailah and Sam. They choose Tori and Devin in the end because Jakk is a rookie and is protected by the rookie alliance, even though he is paired with Laurel, a former champion. Kailah and Sam end up going home because Tori and Devin beat them. TJ jokes that he hopes their marriage will last longer than their time on The Challenge as they leave the elimination arena. Ouch!

The episode’s biggest twist occurred at the conclusion when seven-time champion Johnny Bananas and his partner Nany entered the arena and joined the competition. Before the daily challenge, TJ informed that Kaycee and her brother Kenny had to quit the game without reason. Nam and Emmy and Olivia and Horacio replaced them. Two teams left, and three groups arrived at the premiere. Thus we’re not optimistic about the remaining players. Cast grows. Never!

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