Sons of the Forest: Release Date, Story, Gameplay Trailers, and More
Sons of the Forest: Release Date, Story, Gameplay Trailers, and More

Sons of the Forest: Release Date, Story, Gameplay Trailers, and More

When is the release date for Sons of the Forest? …in October of 2022! We understand that this is a slightly longer wait than you had hoped for, but we can assure you that all those who are anxious to play this completely new experience from the creators of “The Forest” won’t have to wait too much longer.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Endnight Games won’t have any further delays. However, considering that they are only a tiny team, we wouldn’t hold it against them if they needed a little bit extra time to put the finishing touches on this thrilling new survival horror sequel.

Read on for all the most recent information regarding the gameplay, a look at the many platforms that the game will be available on, and some speculation regarding the possible future directions that the tale could take. This is everything that we have learned up to this point.

Sons of the Forest Release Date

It was initially planned that Sons of the Forest would be released in May 2022; however, in an update provided by Endnight in March 2022, it was revealed that the debut of the game will be pushed back to October 2022.

The developers agreed that their planned release date was “overly ambitious,” but they said that the delay would enable them to deliver on their ambition for the “next step in survival gaming.”

Sons of the Forest Console Release Explained

At the time of this writing, the PC version of Sons of the Forest is the only one scheduled for release. There is no guarantee that the game will be available on consoles such as the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series S|X, as Endnight Games has not provided any such information.

It is important to note that in the past, Endnight Games only released The Forest for PlayStation 4 platforms, but not for Xbox consoles.  Anna Terekhova of Endnight provided the following response when contacted by Gamingbolt about the possibility of an Xbox version:

She explained that Sony had been in touch with them after the debut of the game’s first trailer. “Sony had initially contacted us,” she claimed. “Knowing that as a small team we would only be able to work on one console at a time being exclusive for a short amount of time made sense,” said the developer. “We were able to establish up a really solid relationship with them.”

She said, in response to more questioning regarding the possibility of an Xbox port, “We’d love to bring the game to Xbox in the future.” Because Endnight Games is still a small team, it is less likely that we’ll see the game on Xbox consoles without further development or assistance.

However, we could imagine that Sons of the Forest could launch on PS4 and PS5 in the future. Despite the fact that this is purely speculation for the time being, we would imagine that this could happen in the future.

More News:

Sons of the Forest Trailers

The very first trailer for Sons of the Forest was shown for the very first time at The Game Awards in 2019, however the developers have only produced a total of three trailers for the game in the time since then. You may view all three of them down here.

With each successive clip, more and more information about the upcoming game’s better gameplay mechanics, new features, and new animals is revealed.

Sons Of The Forest Plot

If you enjoy the look of Sons of the Forest but want a brief explainer to bring you up to speed on what occurred in the first game – The Forest – have a look at the video that has been provided below by IGN. It will do just that.

In less than five minutes, it will get you up to speed by providing you with all of the essential information you need to know. On the other hand, it is not quite apparent if Sons of the Forest is a straight sequel or a more indirect follow-up.


Can you tell me about the plot of Sons of the Forest? As we’ve mentioned before, it’s not quite obvious whether or not Sons of the Forest is a direct sequel to the actions that were carried out in The Forest. Even more perplexing is the fact that it is unclear whether of The Forest’s endings is the “Canon” one or when the events of the game take place.

You find yourself in a cannibal-infested hellscape after being sent to find a missing millionaire on a secluded island. This is the only official description of the game’s plot that can be found on the Steam website for the game.

Our speculation is that Timmy Leblanc, a character from the original game, is in fact the “billionaire.” At the conclusion of “The Forest,” we see Timmy conducting research on the island, and on the map he is using, there is a note that reads “Site 2.”

We believe that Timmy went to ‘Site 2’ in search of answers in the hope that they will explain why he is experiencing side effects from the Resurrection Obelisk. The Resurrection Obelisk was the same device that caused Megan Cross to mutate into a horrible monster at the conclusion of the first game.

The third trailer for Sons of the Forest shows an older man yelling “get down son,” but this time it is seen from the point of view of another character who is lying on the ground. We believe that we are observing Timmy’s father, Eric, arguing on his son’s behalf (formally the main character from the first game).

If this is the case, then we are most likely a part of a crew that was dispatched to the island at the behest of Eric, who is currently searching for his kid.

I hope you like our article. If this is the case, we would appreciate it if you could share your insightful ideas in the comments below. You may get even more of these updates by including in your collection of bookmarks.

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