Ron and Kelly Dube Accident
Ron and Kelly Dube Accident

Wrong-Way I-55 Crαsh Claims Lives of Couple, Leaves 3 Children Injured

Tuesday night on I-55 near Joliet, a wrong-way crαsh ki!!ed two parents and injured three of their kids. Just after 10:30 p.m., according to Illinois State Police, a pickup truck travelling northbound in the southbound lanes near Wilmington collided head-on with the SUV carrying Ron and Kelly Dube and their children.

Then a semi-truck struck the family’s SUV. Both Kelly and Ron Dube, residents of Emington, d!ed. Their three kids, the smallest of whom was only two years old, suffered injuries.

Ron Dube Sr. stated, “Now these kids don’t have a parent. “My four grandchildren do not have a parent anymore.” The kids were brought to Lurie Children’s Hospital with injuries and broken bones.

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They were separated from their older sister at the time. The crαsh occurred as the family returned home after leaving her at her aunt’s house for a sleepover.

Ron and Kelly Dube Accident

Ron Dube was a warehouse manager. Being a stay-at-home mother, Kelly Dube. To assist with the cost of funeral and hospital expenditures, a fundraising campaign has been launched online.

Melissa Allen, the children’s aunt, stated, “You never expect this. “It is a miracle the kids are okay.” According to state police, the pickup’s driver was also hospitalized with non-life-threatening wounds. The driver is not facing any charges. Illinois State Police are looking into the collision.

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