Anthony Anderson Weight Loss
Anthony Anderson Weight Loss

Anthony Anderson’s Astonishing Transformation: Fans Worried About Extreme Weight Loss!

Since over 20 years ago, Anthony Anderson has been battling Type 2 diabetes. Anderson discussed the connection between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the program. According to internet users, his weight loss may be related to his health problems.

Many viewers noticed the 52-year-old’s weight drop in the Netflix film You People, which premiered on January 27, 2023. On Instagram, Anderson posted pictures of himself in which his dramatic alteration could be seen. Fans were alarmed by the image and worried that he might be ill. Let’s take a closer look.

Anthony Anderson’s Weight Loss Transformation

Because of the lifestyle adjustments he had to make due to his diabetes, Anderson has been able to lose weight. Al Roker, a meteorologist for Today, is said to have connected Anderson to a nutritionist.

He also purchased a bike to ride between the Law & Order scenes to get more exercise. Anderson lost about 47 pounds due to doing this, and in 2021, he and his friend Will Smith took on another 14-week challenge to keep the weight off.

Anderson shared a photo of his post-quarantine weight loss, similar to Will Smith. He revealed that he did not use a personal trainer over the 12 weeks it took him to develop this physique. He measured 223 pounds.

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The comedian maintained a plant-based diet throughout his transition because he has high blood pressure and cholesterol. He was consuming primarily whole grains, fruits, and veggies.

Anthony Anderson Weight Loss

“In the beginning you always go, well, everything’s good in moderation. Well, then you’re moderately still killing yourself,” he told GQ.


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His weight reduction caused several admirers to express concern, saying that his appearance is “frail” and “thin.” Others cheered Anthony on since they knew how difficult it had been for him over the years due to his weight and diabetes.

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