After Severe Storms Hit California, Newsom Asks Biden To Declare A State Of Emergency
After Severe Storms Hit California, Newsom Asks Biden To Declare A State Of Emergency

After Severe Storms Hit California, Newsom Asks Biden To Declare A State Of Emergency

Sacramento, the State Capitol of California — After a string of storms pounded the state in the first week of the year, causing fatal flooding, downed trees, and extensive power outages, Governor Gavin Newsom will ask President Joe Biden to declare a state of emergency in the state. This will take place after the storms caused extensive damage across the state.

Newsom said the following during a press conference that was held on Sunday: “We have all the confidence we’ll receive [the declaration] based on the interactions we’ve had with the White House.” [The declaration], in full:

In the entire state, there are more than 424,000 individuals who do not have electricity, and more than 20,000 people have been forced to leave their homes, as stated by Nancy Ward, who is the head of the governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

She emphasized the fact that floods are more dangerous than any other natural disaster and that they have killed 12 people in California since the 31st of December, which is more deaths than have occurred as a result of wildfires over the past two seasons combined. In addition, she pointed out that floods have killed more people in California than any other natural disaster in the state’s history.

The governor of this state has already declared a state of emergency due to the extreme weather that has been occurring throughout the month of this particular year. On the other hand, the president’s office can issue a proclamation that instructs the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make even more resources available by issuing such a directive.

The announcement was made only a few hours after widespread power outages occurred across Northern California, including in Sacramento, as a result of heavy rain and strong winds on Saturday night. As a result of the storm, trees were brought down, some of which crashed into homes and caused power outages.

After Severe Storms Hit California, Newsom Asks Biden To Declare A State Of Emergency
After Severe Storms Hit California, Newsom Asks Biden To Declare A State Of Emergency

It was brought to everyone’s attention by the governor and other state officials that there are more storms on the way, and it is forecasted that the windy and rainy weather will become far more severe overnight on Monday, continuing into Tuesday morning.

The circumstances were described by Newsom as being “still in front of us with the worst.” You shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Shelters, high-water vehicles, and rescue helicopters are among the preparedness measures that have been taken by the state administration in response to the flooding. They asked the locals to take safety measures against severe weather and power outages, as well as to stay off the roads during storms, especially the ones that were flooded. In addition, they urged people not to go outside during power outages.

In addition, the governor stated that he intends to include a request to the legislature for an additional two hundred million dollars to assist in the reinforcement of the state’s older levees in the budget proposal for 2023 that he will be releasing on Tuesday. This request will be included in the budget proposal that the governor will be releasing.

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