Real Steel 2 Release Date: Will It Happen?

Movie appeared like Disney wasn’t exactly sure how to sell “Real Steel” when movie first came out in theaters in 2011. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was beginning to overtake Michael Bay’s “Transformers” franchise as the most popular film property. Despite the fact that “Real Steel” is far more of a father-son story than a smash-em-up robot movie, it was promoted toward the same demographic.

(Despite this, the movie still has a lot of robot destruction.)

Based on a Richard Matheson short story, the film “Real Steel” follows the tale of Charlie, a former boxer who receives a second chance at glory in a future sport where machines compete in place of humans. Charlie and his young son Max discover Atom, a junked sparring robot, and decide to work together to make Atom a champion.

The movie has appeared on streaming services several times over the years, frequently leaving viewers wondering if a sequel will ever happen. What is known about the likelihood that “Real Steel 2” will be released at some point in the future?

Why has Real Steel 2 not yet Been Released?

There are a number of potential reasons why “Real Steel 2” hasn’t yet entered the manufacturing process. The first is the most obvious: It just didn’t generate enough revenue.

Real Steel 2 Release Date Will It Happen

By the time the movie’s theatrical run was over, it had earned roughly $300 million globally. Even though that number is remarkable, it doesn’t quite qualify as a “automatic sequel” in terms of studio approval, especially for a film that is meant to be an action tentpole.

The second justification is somewhat more useful. Shawn Levy, the director, has frequently stated that he hasn’t been able to uncover a truly outstanding tale to tell.

He claimed in an interview with Collider that it’s challenging to come up with a screenplay that doesn’t simply recycle the events of the first movie, in part because “you don’t want to retell the story of kind of an alienation between Charlie and Max because that is really the plot of the first movie.”

Real steel director’s interview about real steel 2:

Despite this, there have been many whispers of a sequel being possible. Even Levy himself has contributed to them; he has spoken of a TV show that is in the works, though not much is known about it. He also sounds more receptive to a sequel for the big screen, though the specifics are even less clear.

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What are the opinions of the Cast and Crew on a Real Steel Sequel?

Shawn Levy, the director, appears willing to remake “Real Steel,” but what about the actors from the first movie? Jackman may not be involved if they decide to go the series way, according to Levy, but we wouldn’t rule him out until the last whistle blows.

In addition to his experience with sequels, Jackman exhibits a genuine affection for his small “father-son fighting robots” film. He claimed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that when he first met with Levy to discuss the movie, discussing its dramatic conclusion gave him chills.

Additionally, he has expressed interest in making sequels to other of his standalone movies, such “The Greatest Showman.” Similar to Levy, it appears that a storyline must be written to justify Jackman’s return to the ring.

Anthony Mackie, one of the original cast members, has shown a great deal of enthusiasm for a sequel. According to him, he has “always advocated for a sequel,” and he even has some ideas for the direction the story could take.

The MCU star also revealed to Inverse that he phones Shawn Levy at least once a year to inquire about the schedule for filming the sequel. Even worse, Mackie told Inverse that “Real Steel” was intended to be a trilogy but that there may have been many more films in the series.

Three or four movies were planned to be included. Given Mackie’s success since the release of the first movie, his participation might be sufficient to bring about a “Real Steel” series.

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