Jo Koy Girlfriend Chelsea Handler Opened Up About Their Separation
Jo Koy Girlfriend Chelsea Handler Opened Up About Their Separation

Jo Koy Girlfriend Chelsea Handler Opened Up About Their Separation

The lifelong friends who started dating in 2021 and split up earlier this year, Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy, were longstanding friends. The ex-couple announced their split in July 2022, and the comedian recently discussed the circumstances of their breakup in an interview. Handler recently discussed the state of their friendship following their breakup.

Chelsea clarified where she and Jo are now that their relationship is over on Brooke Shields’ podcast Now What? She stated, in reference to the same, “You know what I mean? There needs to be some accountability. Like, from him regarding what transpired, as it was absurd. I don’t believe we can be friends.

Fans were devastated to learn of Handler and Koy’s breakup, but the comedian has now opened up about the specifics of what went wrong. They dated for eleven months before splitting up, and she explained why on Brooke Shields’ podcast, saying, “There were just some behaviors that we couldn’t agree on.

Additionally, I felt as though I would have to give up on myself, which I suppose I could have done if I had been 20 or 25. I, however, was unwilling to comply. In order to make you feel more at ease, she continued, “I was like, ‘I’m not going to modify the way that I behave. I won’t be doing that. Additionally, Chelsea said that she saw it as a “forever relationship.”

How did Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler First Meet?

Lovitz reportedly introduced the pair, and they collaborated frequently on Handler’s late-night program Chelsea Lately between 2007 and 2014. For a number of the show’s episodes, Jo was a guest. The two appeared to have a tight bond during the time.Jo Koy Girlfriend Chelsea Handler Opened Up About Their Separation

Chelsea and Jo fueled Dating Rumors in 2021

In 2021, Handler and Koy’s social media activity started to fuel relationship rumors. Koy’s Instagram videos featured Chelsea frequently, which led some viewers to believe the two were dating. Jo also discussed spending time with her in one of their films together and referred to it as “absolute chaos.” In order to support the relationship rumors, Koy also shared a video of their joint shopping excursion.

Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler Announced Their Love

The couple discussed their relationship’s beginnings in their interview with The Hollywood Reporter, with Koy saying that Chelsea initiated contact initially. Koy revealed that Handler initiated contact in August 2021. He remarked, “She basically asked me to kiss her.”Additionally, Handler said, “I said, ‘I think you have a crush on me, and if you do, you should do something about it and see what happens.'”

Jo and Chelsea formally Announce their Love on Instagram

In September 2021, Chelsea and Jo made their Instagram connection public. Handler posted two images of the couple, one of them showing them in a cuddly stance with her arm around Koy’s shoulder and the other showing them sharing a tender kiss. She stated in the caption, “He’s on tour, I’m on tour, and sometimes we tour together.”

Later, Jo and Chelsea talked about their friendship on Chelsea’s podcast. In addition, she said, “I was just out of touch with myself to understand, I knew I liked talking to you and having you in my life because you’re positive and upbeat,” while discussing how they became close.

At the People’s Choice Awards in December 2021, the couple also made their red carpet debut. They went to the Grammy Awards together in 2022 as well. Handler discussed taking Koy along with her in an interview that the Recording Academy posted, saying it meant “everything” that he was there to celebrate her first Grammy nomination.

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Announcement of Chelsea and Jo Koy’s Separation

In a long Instagram post published in July 2022, Chelsea Handler stated that she and Koy had split up. I want to explain to you how much that meant to both of us. I know many of you were engaged in our love. how much meaning it still has.

The below instagram post from Chelsea handler is about their Separation:


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And how strongly I now believe that we are all loved. Additionally, Handler writes, “This is not an ending. It wasn’t the end for them at the time. It gives me comfort to know that I am still loved and that I still adore this man in the same manner that the sun and moon do. It’s a new beginning. ONE OF YOU IS DEPARTING. So, please keep rooting for the two of us.

In a July interview with Entertainment Tonight following the announcement of their split, Jo claimed that Handler and he were still “great friends.” He declared, “I’ll always fight for her, and she’ll always fight for me. We’re going to win, and everybody wins.”

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