PS5 Secured Meaning: What Does The Meme Mean? Here Is What You Must Need To Know

PS5 Secured Meaning

The PlayStation 5 is a widely anticipated next-generation console, and Sony fans are gearing up for a big event in early June.

While not everyone is ecstatic about the forthcoming console since they haven’t seen or heard enough about it, a PS5 secured meme is now circulating the internet, implying the great lengths people will take to obtain the next-gen system as soon as it is released.

We have no idea how the PS5 system will compare to the Xbox Series X. It’s been suggested that it’ll be primarily white with black accents, same as its official controller, but many people are now irritated by the fact that they don’t know what form it’ll take or how big it’ll be.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, we’ve seen Unreal Engine 5 in action on the system, and Sony has disclosed a slew of intriguing and tantalising facts regarding the device’s hardware.

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What Does The PS5 Secured Meme Mean?

The PS5 secured meme refers to individuals doing things they wouldn’t normally do in order to obtain the system as quickly as possible. Guys stating they’ll be extra kind to their spouse to convince them to buy the PS5 when it comes out is one of the more benign versions of the PS5 secured meme.

We won’t get into the more filthy and frequent instances that can be seen all over Twitter since they aren’t suitable to mention, but the main concept is to do whatever it takes to acquire money in order to gain access to the system.

There are also some references to the meme and how no one is propagating it for the Xbox Series X for those who love delving in the console warspace.

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