Where To Get All 3 Pieces Of Proof In ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ Operation Chaos


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To complete this mission, you will need to do a bit of footwork in the main campaign missions to collect a piece of evidence that will help you solve a number puzzle to decipher the floppy disk. 

If you don’t have the evidence, remember that you can always go back and repeat the mission before you start the last one, so don’t worry. 

While you’re busy with the detective work that makes up the second side mission, Black Ops: Cold War also sends you Intel parts scattered over selected missions, which can be fun for fans who don’t fancy fast math.    

You can get all the critical evidence in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War by accessing the two campaign missions that have achieved their goals and are now going live. 

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While waiting for the completion of the Red Light and Green Light missions, you will need three pieces of evidence to decipher the disk from Operation Chaos. It is what you need to solve the puzzle that will decrypt the hard drive at the beginning of the mission of Operation Chaos.    

Once you have decided on the mission of Operation Chaos, there are three pieces of evidence needed to solve the puzzle, even if you do not want the end of it.    

Evidence Cold War Wiki Guide by IGN Qasim You begin with a series of numbers, and after the second mission, you have no choice but to go through the three pieces of evidence that you need to collect evidence to decrypt the disk.  

Encryption And Decryption

To complete the encryption and decryption, you will need to collect several pieces of evidence from other missions and apply them to decrypt the floppy disk. 

Here, you will find everything you need to know to crack the code and access the floppy disks in Black Ops: Cold War. To perform one of the side missions available in the game, you would need evidence to decrypt a floppy disk and crack the encryption code. 

Throughout the immersive campaign, you will embark on all kinds of missions that require the use of evidence.   

Cold War works much like intel in Modern Warfare, with evidence in the levels of specific campaign missions that players can take on.

Evidence Locations

Evidence can be found in missions that fall into someone else’s hands, such as Operation Red Circus. You must enter a code or passphrase to collect and find evidence of these missions.  

In the Games Hidden, “Core Campaign are six critical pieces of evidence needed to solve the mysteries of Side missions Operation Chaos and Operation Red Circus. Cold War, each piece of evidence contains three pieces of evidence you will need for Operation Chaos, which you can find in the other main missions. 

You start with a series of side missions called Operation Chaos or Operation Red Circus. During the missions, even if there is a good ending, you have to unlock a set of evidence needed to understand and complete the missions.   

Cold War – Campaigns, you must find evidence to help you complete an optional side mission, Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos requires you to find hidden evidence outside the main series of story missions.    

One of the side missions available is Operation Chaos, and you will be tasked with finding Robert Aldrich, a rogue Soviet officer. He is trying to undermine the United States by establishing a spy network in the United States with the help of a Soviet spy named Perseus. 

After completing these two optional side missions, you will have to complete another, collecting evidence, decoding codes, and solving puzzles.   

The second piece of evidence is a series of transmitters found on the brick wall during the mission. This proof can be furnished by entering the middle door on the upper floor of the Kraus apartment and searching the side tables along the wall. 

Evidence can also be found under the desk when entering the Satcom building, echoing the Cold War mission.   

The brick in the wall is proof of the location of Operation Chaos. The third mission, The Brick In The Wall, explains the site to meet an informant in a bar.    

Upon completion of the Fractured Jaw mission, you will have access to evidence across the board. The proof is in the form of six photos you can take during the next task and find them here. 

You can ignore the evidence and play another mission until it is available, but we strongly recommend cracking the code and immediately doing it.    

Decrypting The Disk In Cold War: Operation Choas

All three pieces of evidence are easy to get hold of; if you know what you are looking for and follow the instructions, you can get all the evidence from decrypting the disk in Cold War: Operation Chaos. 

It appears that some elements of the puzzle are randomly selected, so we will not give you a solution here, but you can find all the evidence on your own in the Cold War mission. 

During your interrogation, Qasim gives you the first evidence; the second can be found in the mission.

IGN guides you through the puzzles, proofs, secrets, challenges, the vast challenges he took Britain to war, unique news leaks, and instructions you need to get through the Cold War: Operation Chaos. 

Operation Chaos decrypts floppy disks that only work if they are opened after completing the Fractured Jaw mission. It also appears as evidence on board the side mission Operation Red Circus.   


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