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When rumors first surfaced that Jared Leto would play the Joker in Suicide Squad in 2016, I felt alienated and upset by the news that he would be. 

The general discussion around Suicide Squad implied that Leto was at least a prominent figure in the story, which the film’s publicity continued. 

However, I learned some unexpected news in light of earlier reports that he was finished with the role of the Joker, that the character was actually never hinted at and that he was only playing a role in the theatrical editing.    

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Jared Leto Joker Will Return In Justice League

Last month we learned that Jared Leto would return in the forthcoming Snyder cut of Justice League as The Joker from Suicide Squad, released on HBO in 2021. 

It has already been announced in 2018 that there will be a film of his own about the Joker starring Leto. While Warner Bros. later clarified that Snyders Justice League cut was set independent of DCEU in its continuity and that they saw value in building more excitement for the future of the supervillain, what we know about the scope of the Justice League reboot suggests that Leto’s Joker has not become a decisive figure.   

After the trailer spoke to Grace Randolph, Snyder told Jared Leto’s version of The Joker from Suicide Squad with a brand new look and touched on how much new footage was shot.

Leto’s on-set antics caused rumors.

Leto did not appear in the film due to his role in the Sony Pictures Universe Marvel character film Morbius. The film was released alongside Todd Phillips’s movie The Joker with Joaquin Phoenix. 

Leto, who was promoting the David Ayers ensemble’s anti-hero film, was seen speaking to the media about how much footage was edited by his Joker.

It’s no surprise in the case of a film with such a prominent place for a cackling villain that Leto’s Joker turned out to be James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2 and Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey for fear of repeating the previous experience. 

As much as I love the characters, including Leto, how the studio edited the film makes it difficult to follow them, not without introducing them.   

With the Phillips Joker movie, Leto proved his talent and started developing a complex character arc before Phoenix got the role. It seemed Leto would never get that chance with the unfortunate Arthur Fleck, himself a Phillips film. 

Leto did himself no favors when he made Suicide Squad and loved the company of fans with his rendition of The Joker.    

Jared Leto Joker took a sharp beating.

Leto’s main complaint seemed to be that he felt Warner Bros. had caught him off guard with the promise of his Joker single, only to push him aside in favor of Phillip Phoenix’s efforts. 

Sources in the Letos camp said he was seeking the move but denied that competing Joker films were a factor in his decision. 

Jared Leto Joker’s role in Snyder’s Justice League was re-recorded to expand the film’s storyline and forge a solid connection to previous DCEU films. 

After Justice League was cut, Snyder confirmed after years of rumors and fan campaigns; many DC fans questioned if this was the start of a trend.    

When we learned that Jared Leto would be taking on the role of the Joker, he was one of several DC veterans participating in new recordings. Leto has tried to get Warner Bros. to stop a new Joker film because of the problems surrounding his version of the character but went too far.    

When Letos was asked about the new trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s upcoming solo film as the Joker, he couldn’t comment. THR reports that the 47-year-old star, who played the grinning crime lord in Suicide Squad in 2016, thought Warner would get him hooked by promising that his Joker would step down if the film were illuminated with Phillips version instead of Phoenix. 

Sources say Leto felt his agent had told him Phillips was fighting his version of the character.    

First Image Of Jared Leto As Joker

The first image of Jared Leto as the Joker in Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League showing that the Clown Prince of Crime was damaged was a repeat of what was seen in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, but the information about the film is confusing. 

The first Justice League picture looked like a classic interpretation of Joker Harley Quinn Tattooing Stencil stencil art of Joker art Jared Letos Joker Joker T-shirt manufacturer More information: Zack Snyder, however, introduced a new twist to complete his original vision of Justice Leaguer’s Joker.    

The Jokers’ longtime love, Harley Quinn, returns to play Cara Delevingne after taking on the role of Enchantress. Snyders said he would take over DCEU with Robin, who was supposed to die in the hands of the Joker when Snyder took over DCU, but Dick Grayson Robin was on death row, and Jason Todd perished in the comics.    

Final Words

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