Parsley App Launches In Austin

An announcement from the food and community platform for “cooks &eaters”, says that the Parsley app will launch today in Austin with the interview of industry veterans Marson Arnold as CEO and Sloan Foster as COO.

This app will provide the service of home-cooked meals to the customer, which will be prepared by ambitious local chefs, including a doorstep facility. With the help of this app, one can decide meals by a geographic and preferred location. Also, categories will be filtered according to own preference of the home cook and a rating system. And cooks will be always there in your service and will be connected through sharing personalized announcements and weekly menu parts. Costumers can follow the chefs according to their choice and can build charts according to their own needs.

Doug Guller, Parsley co-founder said, “We created Parsley with the intention of bringing cooks and eaters together, and we are thrilled to have Mason and Sloan leading the team,”.

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