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Unvaccinated And Proud? Ground Reality Suggest Something Else

The loss of life witnessed due to the pandemic outweighs the loss of life in the century-old Pandemic of influenza, as well as combined military fatalities of the major wars fought by Americans in the last century.

If this staggering number is not persuasive enough regarding the gravity of the situation, all one has to do is visit the medical facilities taking care of COVID-19 patients. From over-exhausted medical workers to the long list of patients waiting to be admitted, it is a sight of remorse.

All across America, the doctors are having a hard time prioritizing the patients, even patients who wish to get admitted for major ailments, and serious operations are unwillingly being turned down.

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The naysayers seem to rely on their leaders, choice of influencers as well as politicians. About 55% of the Republican leaders are vaccinated against 88% democrats. While pandemic struck during then President Trump’s term, he even though downplayed the impact of the virus, he chose to get himself vaccinated.

It has been reported by CDC that 99.5% of citizens who are being infected by the virus are the unvaccinated ones. This is not only an irresponsible move for the individual himself, but also his loved ones suffer. The occupation of hospital beds sees no end in sight, and is causing a nightmare for the healthcare workers and is affecting the standard of care which the other patients could have got.

American Republican supporters also believe that defying vaccines is in support of their ideology, but it is equally important to note, that the virus does not affect one based on their political alignment, but their ability to fight the virus, which is developed by the vaccine.

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