As Union Effort Looms Starbucks Lift Up US Workers’ Pay

On Wednesday, Starbucks said that they are increasing the salaries of U.S. employees. And is going to make some improvements in its stores to upgrade the working conditions

The Seattle-based coffee giant said, “all of its U.S. workers will earn at least $15 — and up to $23 — per hour by next summer.” In the past January, “employees who are servicing for two or more years will get a raise of 5%, while those who served for five or more years of service could receive up to a 10% raise. Workers can also get a $200 recruitment bonus for attracting new employees.”

In a letter from Starbucks’ North America President Rossann Williams to employees, said “the pay raises not only support workers but will enhance recruitment efforts in a challenging labor market. Starbucks said it’s the third time in 24 months that it has raised workers’ pay.”

The action comes among some worker controversy for the company. Employees at three Starbucks stores in Buffalo, New York, are trying to form a union so they can get more benefits over issues such as store shortages and worker training. with the National Labor Relations Board the groups of Starbucks Workers have filed petitions seeking votes from the union.

Starbucks said “Michelle Eisen, an 11-year Starbucks veteran who works at one of the Buffalo stores and supports the union effort”, “which turned 50 this year __ has had decades to implement seniority pay but is only choosing to do so now.”

Eisen said, “We look forward to making more improvements when we negotiate our contract,”.

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