OMITB Blackout Ends With A Big Reveal and New Theory!
OMITB Blackout Ends With A Big Reveal and New Theory!

OMITB Blackout Ends With A Big Reveal and New Theory!

Season 2 of Only Murders In The Building has flipped over a significant piece of the puzzle. Episode 8, “Hello Darkness,” reveals Detective Kreps (Michael Rapaport) to be Glitter Guy at its conclusion.

When the Arconia’s electricity is restored after the blackout, Kreps just happens to be there. When Mabel stabbed a man on a train platform, he could have easily arrested her, but he doesn’t.

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Howard knocks into his painful left shoulder when Kreps and Mabel are chatting. We know it’s a stab wound, but the detective claims the agony is caused by a new tattoo. Mabel observes some glitter behind Kreps’ ear when he turns to his right to confront Marv about gazing at him.

In Only Murders in the Building Season 2, Episode 8, Michael Rapaport portrays Detective Kreps. When it comes time to reveal the killer of Bunny, Oliver has an idea: What if the perpetrator wasn’t acting alone? When Lucy saw the masked man in the Arcatacombs on Bunny’s murder night, was he the same guy who appeared on the Pickle Diner surveillance footage?

We can now add Howard’s new love interest to our ever-expanding list of potential candidates. Performer Jason Veasey, who is allergic to cat dander, had a sneezing fit while staying at Howard’s place. The killer sneezed within the Arcatacombs the night Bunny died, as you may recall…

Only Murders In The Building Recap Season 2 Episode 8

Only Murders In The Building
Only Murders In The Building

When John Hoffman and Steve Martin set out to expand Arconia (and their show) for season two, they found themselves with more self-referential jokes, extra guest stars, and yes, more murder mysteries. The second season of a breakout hit is typically taken in an upward and outer manner.

The second season of Only Murders, on the other hand, has spent as much time revisiting the show’s first season successes as it has introduced new components. As the series progresses, the number of unanswered questions outweighs the number of answers, making it less and less probable that all of the plot points will be addressed.

Writers have yet to properly name all of the characters in the series. The fathers of Charles and Mabel are never mentioned by name; we only know their last names because we know Charles’ and Mabel’s last names. Charles’ father is still called Mr. Savage, and Mabel’s father is still called Mr. Mora.

In this week’s episode, “Hello Darkness,” Jason Veasey, star of the Tony Award– and Pulitzer Prize-winning A Strange Loop, is introduced as a new inhabitant of the Arconia and a possible love interest for Howard. Even Howard, who has been desperate for this “chorus kid” since he first started subletting an apartment on his level, has never spoken of him.

Even though it’s possible that the name of this singer, who we learn is “lethally allergic to cats,” is itself some type of clue, it would be disastrous if that were the case. The OMITB three may be the only ones who care about solving this crime, and there are still DNA findings to be provided, and Teddy’s threat to deal with, to name just a few.

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Even if he fulfills his wish to be a part of the probe, Marv’s story arc typifies the broader struggle in this season overall. When he’s not behaving suspiciously around the other Arconiacs, he’s pitching his Sixth Avenue Slasher theory to Mabel, Charles, and Oliver as part of the overall plot.

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