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Selling Sunset Season 5 Release date, trailer, cast and more

Selling Sunset’s core members are more divided than ever thanks to Christine Quinn and Mary Fitzgerald’s titanic showdown at the end of Season 4.The show has already hinted that there will be more fire – and even some romance – in store for the girls in season five. Everything we know about the fifth season of Selling Sunset has been compiled here.

Selling Sunset Season Five is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to see what new twists and turns the show has in store for us. The Oppenheim Group returned to our screens recently for season 4 of Selling Sunset, but we’re already heading back to Los Angeles for season 5. Since filming finished in December 2021, Netflix has announced the release date for Season 5, and there isn’t much time to go before the new season premieres.

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Selling Sunset Season 5 Story

Looks like the season 5 teaser trailer focus on Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s relationship, and how everyone else reacts to the news. Rumor has it that they’ve already broken up.

A pregnant Christine Quinn, known as “Queen Bee,” played a major role in Season 4, as she gave birth while the show was on air. Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela, two new real estate agents, joined our team, with Christine already harbouring animosity toward Emma because of an ex-boyfriend.

We saw the highs and lows of the glamorous real estate agents, such as Amanza Smith’s custody issues and Chrishell’s recovery from her brutal divorce, as the arguments between Christine and her co-workers erupted. Christine and new realtor Chelsea Lazkani, who have vowed to “take over,” are shown to have formed a new friendship in the trailer. Will Christine be able to mend fences with the Oppenheim girls? Season 5 will provide the answer to this question.

Selling Sunset Season 5 Cast

  • Brett and Jason Oppenheim, co-founders of the Oppenheim Group, twin brothers
  • Chrishell Stause, actress, real estate agent and recent addition to the Oppenheim Group, previously married to actor Justin Hartley
  • Christine Quinn, real estate agent, Chrishell’s rival, marries entrepreneur Christian Richard in season three’s finale
  • Maya Vander, real estate agent, Israeli, commutes between Los Angeles and Miami
    Mary Fitzgerald, real estate agent, previously dated Jason, marries Romain in season two’s finale
  • Heather Young, real estate agent, former Playboy Playmate and actress, is married to television personality Tarek El Moussa
  • Davina Potratz, real estate agent, joins rival agency Douglas Elliman and returns in season four
  • Romain Bonnet, model, marries Mary in season two’s finale
  • Amanza Smith, real estate agent, interior designer, joins the Oppenheim Group from season two
  • Emma Hernan, real estate agent, former Sports Illustrated model, Christine’s rival, joins the Oppenheim Group from season four
  • Vanessa Villela, real estate agent, Mexican-American novela star, joins the Oppenheim Group from season four.
  • Chelsea Lazkani

Selling Sunset Season 5 new member

A Nigerian immigrant, Lazkani was born in London at the age of 29, and grew up there with her family. An undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA in energy economics are among her qualifications. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2015, she worked as a business strategist and a solar analyst in New York City. Rodeo Realty Inc hired her in 2017 as a property agent and within the first year of her employment, she handled the sale of properties totaling a total of $10 million. It was in July of 2021 that she left to join the Oppenheim Group.

Selling Sunset Season 5 Release Date

On Lorraine with her husband Romain Bonnet last year. Mary Fitsgerald teased that the new season would be explosive and that Selling Sunset season 5 could be released on Netflix as early as March 2022. Fortunately, she wasn’t too far off. As a result of this, Netflix has announced that season three of the popular reality show will premiere on the streaming service on Friday, April 22.

Selling sunset Season 5 Trailer

Yes! The cast discusses the “news” going around the office in the trailer, which you can see here. We see Chrishell and Jason kissing at the end of the clip, which leads us to believe that this “news” is about their new relationship. In addition, there’s a new trailer out there. The newcomer Chelsea Lazkani is Christine’s new best friend.

Chelsea saying, “I just love this view.” “And I love looking down on people,” Christine adds. “The little people,” Chelsea chimes in. “Hi peasants!” they both jokingly shout in unison as they wave and laugh.

Season 5 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset premieres on Friday, April 22nd, and we’ll get to meet yet another new member of the Oppenheim family: Real estate agent Chelsea Lazkani, a British-Nigerian native, arrives in full glam for her debut on The Selling.

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