Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2 Everything we currently know!
Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2 Everything we currently know!

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Everything We Currently Know!

Any anime series should not be absent from screens for more than two years. Well, the Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 supporters deserve praise for their perseverance and patience. They pestered the producers for the duration of two long years to make the final announcement for the second season.

Despite the declaration, there is frequently uncertainty regarding the renewal. Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 has so been renewed. When does it go on sale? You may learn all about it right here. The Chinese anime Heaven Official’s Blessing, also known as Tian Guan Ci Fu, debuted on October 31, 2022.

One of the first widely viewed Chinese television series to acquire an anime adaptation, HOB was a big success in the West. In addition, the first season’s ratings show a similar trend. The anime has an IMDb rating of 8.4/10. On top of that, MyAnimeList members have rated it 8.39 out of a possible 30 000 stars. As a result, the continuation of Season 2 is certain.


Heaven Official Blessing Season 2 Release Date

Unfortunately, there has been no change to the second season’s release date. Since the follow-up is already under production, a release date might be revealed at any point. Nothing more than keeping an eye out for the news will have to be done. Season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing may premiere in October 2022, at the start of the upcoming fall season. By often visiting this page, you can stay informed on official announcements. For this reason, make sure to follow us .

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Cast

Guangtao Jiang – Xie Lian

The character of Heaven Official’s Blessing is Xie Li, His Highness the Crown Prince of Xianle.

He was renowned as the beloved but weird prince across the Xianle nation. Not interested in what was expected of a prince, Prince Charming simply announced “I want to help the people!”. In just a few short years of diligent study and practice, he achieved enlightenment and went to the Heavens at the tender age of seventeen.

Hua Cheng – James Cheek (English)

American voice actor James Cheek has worked with FUNimation Entertainment and Crunchyroll, among other studios.

Anjali Kunapaneni – Shi Qingxuan

As one of the five Element Masters in the Heavenly Court, Shi Qingxuan is known as Lord Wind Master Qingxuan. The term “Lady Wind Master” was given to him since he is often worshipped as a feminine version of himself and frequently does so.

Other Members

  • Hiroshi Kamiya – Xie Lian
  • Wendee Lee – Ling Wen
  • Lucien Dodge – Fu Yao
  • Makoto Furukawa – Feng Xin
  • Yôko Hikasa – Xie Lian
  • Howard Wang is Old Man
  • Luis Bermudez – Xiao-Ying
  • Apphia Yu – Fu Yao
  • Chiaki Kobayashi – Fu Yao
  • Hu Liangwei – Ling Wen
  • Ying Huang – Ling Wen
  • Wen Sen – Feng Xin
  • Phil Song – Feng Xin

Heaven’s Official Blessing Season 2 Plot

A former crown prince of Xianle in the east, Xie Lian, is the one who relates his own story in the book. At the age of seventeen, he becomes a god via the practice of numerous martial arts and forms of development. His nation is torn apart by battle and hardship in the early years of his rule as a god, in part due to deadly new sickness and a prolonged drought.

Xie Lian is interfering in the lives of mortals who have always loved and supported him in a way that is beyond the rules of both the heavenly realm and the workings of fate. This is done with the goal of bringing peace and eradicating misery in his kingdom.

This puts a strain on relations among his people, and their desperation eventually results in the deaths of both Xianle and Xie Liang., who is left for dead in an unexpected and shocking manner. To acquire the nickname “God of Misfortune,” people have been removing his shrines, temples, and sculptures since they no longer regard him as an important religious figure.

Xie Lian was exiled by the Emperor of the Heavenly Realm on two separate occasions. But he eventually returned and became a godhead representative. They either mock or shun him because of his reputation as an outlandish, roving garbage collector who constantly has terrible luck. A gentle heart and desire to carry out his duties as a god continue to keep him going.

At some point during the journey to their mortal nuptials, a handful of women disappeared. First up, Xie Lian will have to find them once he completes his third ascension. Ghosts of young men clad in maple-red robes, silver vambraces, and black boots with silver chains attached to each of the boots astonish him when he encounters one of the spirits.

Blood rain and silver butterflies appear as the little ghost appears for the first time. He only aids Xie Lian for a short period of time, during which he takes hold of Xie Lian and leads him through Mount Yujun. The mountain’s enchantment complex prevented Xie Lian from learning who was responsible for the disappearances. Consequently, the array is destroyed.

Heaven tells Xie Lian that he saw the awful spirit ruler Hua Cheng, also known as Crimson Rain Sought Flower, after completing the job. Hua Cheng is one of the Four Great Calamities, a group of four awful ghost kings. Xie Lian described the exchange as “very oddly pleasant.”. An example of this is:

In spite of Xie Lian’s best efforts, she and Hua Cheng keep banging into each other. This is the result of Xie Lian’s growing involvement in the three realms of heaven, earth, and the ghost. Spending more time together makes them more protective of one another and more inclined to fall in love with one another. In the present, Hua Cheng is becoming a more frequent presence in Xie Lian’s life, but he does not yet know how long their histories have been interwoven.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Trailer

AnimeHype has already made the official trailer available. If by chance you missed the trailer, it is available here.


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