Once Again, Katie Hobbs Has Outwitted Kari Lake By Having Her Own Secret Swearing-in Ceremony

It is not uncommon for a couple who is planning to get married to decide to do so in private in front of a judge at a courthouse, and then to hold a less formal, more public wedding ceremony and reception for family and friends at a later date. This is done for a variety of reasons, including privacy concerns. In essence, this is how Katie Hobbs was able to ascend to the position of 24th governor of Arizona.

Along with the newly elected Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, Attorney General Kris Mayes, Treasurer Kimberly Yee, and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, she took the oath of office on Monday during a private ceremony. Also participating in the ceremony was state Mine Inspector Paul Marsh.

The event was broadcast live online, however, there was very restricted access for the media. It didn’t last long. The entire procedure started a little after 10 a.m. and was completed around half an hour after that.

I have lived in Arizona for a very long time, and while I am not a historian, that may have been the most effective and least expensive official government function that has ever taken place in our state… ever. I do not want to give Lake “a bigger stage.” I have lived in Arizona for a very long time.

And it’s not like residents of Arizona won’t have the chance to take part in some inauguration celebrations; there just won’t be as many of them. On Thursday, there will be a ceremony for the public to attend that is being held in the State Capitol. Despite this, Hobbs brought out the long knives for the fight.

As a candidate, she was criticized by many people, including me, for not being willing to square up against her conspiracy theorist and Trump sycophant opponent Kari Lake. At that time, Hobbs made the following statement to CNN:

“You know, not only has Kari Lake – has she focused her entire platform around this election denialism, but I didn’t want to give her a wider forum to do that. She has demonstrated that she is not interested in having any kind of conversation that is serious; rather, she is just interested in creating a spectacle. That final part is accurate.

Once Again, Katie Hobbs Has Outwitted Kari Lake By Having Her Own Secret Swearing-in Ceremony
Once Again, Katie Hobbs Has Outwitted Kari Lake By Having Her Own Secret Swearing-in Ceremony

Hobbs Wasn’t Trying To Hide; She Was Just Smarter

The only thing that Lake was interested in doing, and the only thing that he is still interested in doing, is putting on a show. She continues

Even still, Hobbs received a lot of criticism for not taking her oath of office in a public venue. It was perceived that she was either turning her back on the to pursue bogus election fraud charges in court while at the same time, she is cozying up to Trump and his retinue of fawning lackeys at Mar-a-Lago. folks who elected her or that she was being a coward and going underground. But that’s not the point at all.

Hobbs was not trying to conceal herself; rather, she was outsmarting her adversary. By holding her swearing-in ceremony in private and making it available exclusively through a livestream, Hobbs was able to outwit the irate supporters of a defeated candidate who were angry about the outcome of the election.

There is a chance that some of Lake’s backers would attempt to cause a commotion at the inauguration event that will take place on Thursday. But this won’t make a difference even if you do it. No matter what the hopelessly indoctrinated followers in Lake’s paranoid illusions decide to do, they will not be able to stop the power shift that has already occurred. After all, if the pair is already married, there is no way to prevent them from getting married in the future.

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