A Tesla Falls 250 Feet Off A Cliff In California, But All Four People Inside Survive
A Tesla Falls 250 Feet Off A Cliff In California, But All Four People Inside Survive

A Tesla Falls 250 Feet Off A Cliff In California, But All Four People Inside Survive

After crashing their Tesla over a cliff into a rocky beach approximately 250 feet below along California’s Pacific Coast Highway, a family of four—consisting of two parents and two children—somehow managed to avoid suffering catastrophic injuries.

The incident took place early on Monday morning in a location known as Devil’s Slide, which is located approximately 20 miles south of San Francisco. Brian Pottenger, the battalion chief for the Coastside Fire Protection District of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said, “We were astonished” to discover that individuals in the car had survived the crash.

“Accidents on that cliff do not happen very infrequently. According to what he told CNN, “We do attend to a lot of automobiles on that edge.” “What is rare is that we do not get a lot of survivors — surviving this kind of disaster is rare,” said the doctor. “Surviving this type of event is very rare.”

According to Pottenger, four people were in the car: an adult male, an adult female, a boy who was nine years old, and a daughter who was four years old. According to him, both children were safely restrained in car seats, which were not damaged and left in place.

When it went off the road, the white Tesla sedan with four doors was reportedly heading northbound on Highway 1 between Pacifica and Montara, just south of the Tom Lantos Tunnel. Officials say the vehicle lost control and went off the road. They did not provide any explanation for the accident.

According to a statement sent to CNN by a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol, the agency does not believe that any of the self-driving functions of the Tesla were engaged at the time.

Pottenger stated that the damage to the vehicle suggested that it had been hit and subsequently flipped multiple times. He went on to say that the car had come to a stop on its wheels. At the same time, other first responders observed through binoculars firefighters down the cliff through rappelling to reach the vehicle.

Pottenger remarked that as they were doing that, they could see movement in the front seat via the windshield. “As we were doing that,” he added, “we could detect it.” “As a result, we were aware that at least one person was still alive.”

A Tesla Falls 250 Feet Off A Cliff In California, But All Four People Inside Survive
A Tesla Falls 250 Feet Off A Cliff In California, But All Four People Inside Survive

According to the authorities, the wrecked truck included people pinned inside it. According to Pottenger, who spoke to CNN, all four were awake when the fire crew arrived at the scene.

The two toddlers were eventually rescued, and rescuers used a rope to haul baskets containing them up the cliff. After some time had passed, a helicopter from the California Highway Patrol brought the two adults to a safe location. The California Highway Patrol shared a tense video on their website that showed a rescue worker being lowered from the helicopter to the scene of the accident on a cable. At the same time, waves crashed on the rocks below.

According to a statement released by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, the two adults had “injuries that are not life-threatening,” while the two toddlers were found to be “unharmed.” According to Pottenger, the people inside the vehicle were sent to Stanford Medical Center for treatment`. On Tuesday, we could not obtain any new information regarding their conditions.

The identity of the four survivors has not been made public by the authorities, nor has it been specified whether or if all four come from the same family. Pottenger stated that the investigation being conducted by the CHP would determine what caused the collision. “This was a severe accident, and they survived,” he said. “[T]hey were lucky to be alive.” “And despite everything, it turned out to be the best possible ending.”

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