The Mar-a-lago Investigation Is Being Paid For By Trump's Save America Pac
The Mar-a-lago Investigation Is Being Paid For By Trump's Save America Pac

The Mar-a-lago Investigation Is Being Paid For By Trump’s Save America Pac

The Mar-a-lago Investigation Is Being Paid For By Trump’s Save America Pac.

CNN has been told by sources familiar with the situation that Donald Trump’s political action committee, known as Save America PAC, has been paying the legal fees of additional Trump aides and allies who have been subpoenaed by federal investigators to testify before a grand jury in connection with investigations involving the former president.

According to documents submitted to the Federal Election Commission, the political action committee has handed over more than 120,000 dollars to the law firm of Brand Woodward.

The law firm represents several Trump associates who have testified in front of a grand jury in Washington, District of Columbia, or spoken with investigators as part of the investigation into the handling of government documents seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate after he left the White House that is being conducted by the Justice Department.

According to one source, Save America has helped pay the legal bills of Kash Patel, a Trump adviser who testified in front of a federal grand jury a month ago, as well as Walt Nauta, a former military aide in the Trump White House who has been interviewed by federal investigators about the former president’s retention of classified documents. Both Patel and Nauta have testified regarding the former president’s retention of classified documents. The wage for Nauta, who is now working as an assistant for the former president at his house in Palm Beach, is being paid for by Trump’s leadership PAC.

At the time of Patel’s appearance before the grand jury, a spokesperson for Patel stated that “his testimony was compelled over his opposition through the only legal means available to the government – a grant of limited immunity.” Stanley Woodward Jr. of the Brand Woodward firm, who is representing Nauta, has chosen not to comment on the matter.

CNN has been informed by a second source with knowledge of the situation that additional important figures in Trump’s orbit, such as Will Russell and Beau Harrison, are among those who are being represented by Brand Woodward. According to yet another source, Save America has contributed to the payment of some of the defendants’ legal fees.

CNN cites individuals familiar with the case as saying that Russell and Harrison testified in front of a grand jury probing the Mar-a-Lago document scandal last week. Their attorney did not make themselves available for comment at that time.

The Mar-a-lago Investigation Is Being Paid For By Trump's Save America Pac
The Mar-a-lago Investigation Is Being Paid For By Trump’s Save America Pac

CNN requested a response from the company regarding the payments; however, the company failed to provide one. The payments were initially revealed by The Washington Post. Stan Brand, a prominent attorney at the firm, told the Post that there is nothing improper about Trump’s political action committee (PAC) paying the legal fees of witnesses.

As long as the information is shared with the customer, there are no restrictions to other parties paying legal fees. According to Brand, the client is the focus of the ethical obligations that lawyers have. This whole thing is a lot of fuss over nothing, and it’s just another cheap shot at these individuals because of who they work for.

However, according to Ty Cobb, a former attorney for the Trump White House who commented on the arrangement, it may in the future give rise to allegations of partiality for any Trump officials whose legal bills have been financed by Save America PAC.

“This can be accomplished legally in a few different ways. When an employee is summoned to testify in a matter that is related to the firm, it is not uncommon for the employer to pay for their outside legal bills. This is a practice that is highly frequent in the business world in the United States. “However, it is always possible to utilize that on the stand to prove bias,” added Cobb.

“This is a highly widespread technique that is laden with risk. Let’s imagine that somebody testifies against Trump and he interrupts them in the middle of their testimony. That is something that can be used as evidence of bias during the trial.

According to a previous report by CNN, Trump’s political committees have paid more than $2 million this year to a half dozen law firms whose attorneys have represented witnesses before the House select committee investigating the insurrection that occurred on January 6, 2021. The committee is looking into the events that occurred on that date.

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