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What Newsom says in his closing message referring to the recall election?

Just a few days after the end of the recall election, the media polls continue, while the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, now adopts another strategy to counteract the numbers of infected by covid 19 and thus save his work.

Announcements, banners, and posters against Gavin’s retirement can be seen as he talks to a group of volunteers on August 13. Now the president has decided to implement new mandatory anti-covid measures that include masks and mass immunization through the use of vaccines.

The measures are under a new approach, which has generated a great debate among people to comment on the best measures to combat the covid, which has generated more partisan divisions.

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Meanwhile, Governor Newsom hopes voters will adopt his now more restrictive public health measures. As he continues to advance his tactic and sends his message: “There is no decision more momentous for the health and safety of the people of the State of California than to vote no on this Republican-backed recall.”

This was said two weeks before the election during a vaccination event in Oakland. I am also referring to the more complex cases that refer to Florida and Texas, with the worst protocols to face the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the governor continues to face criticism about his contradictory actions in the face of the measures that he has taken against the covid. What has been the trigger to start the campaign in favor of his retirement.

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California has had the highest rates of death from Covid-19, and hospitals have collapsed, and for months this whole situation has been getting worse.

This spring, Californians have been getting vaccinated, and infections have decreased. While Newsom has changed his proposal to reopen the state, now his efforts are directed toward homeless relief and education.

He also continues efforts to encourage people to get vaccinated amid celebrations and shows.

He is already in the final stretch of the recall election this September 14 and has intensified his efforts to reduce the number of people affected by the pandemic.

The mandatory requirement for vaccinations for healthcare workers and teachers is among them, just as he has mandated a universal school mask policy before the CDC.

The other Republican candidates running for repeal now also promise to undo those from Newsom’s terms if elected.

Final words:

Newsom’s recall referendum elections occur amid the population’s anxiety over the appearance of new variants of the covid that coincide with the reopening of schools. While the current governor affirms that if he is removed from his position in these conditions, the virus will only worsen the state’s situation and ensure that nothing will improve.



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