Unanswered Questions From All American Season 3

All American Season 3

All American is a sports comedy show that premiered on The CW in 2018. The show casts Alex Roe, Lil Rel Howery, Tyler James Williams, Nia Long, Anika Noni Rose, Danny Nucci, Steven Weber, and Justin Hartley. This article will cover the essential questions left unanswered after Season 3.

What’s Up With Tristan’s Father? 

One of “All American”‘s most compelling characters is Tristan Reese. The season’s penultimate episode very nearly reveals his father’s identity, but Tristan Reese is still left in the dark. 

The show tries to make sense out of this by suggesting that Tristan Reese isn’t the only person in his family who has to fight for their place in it. “This world makes no sense,” Tristan Reese remarks.

If anyone can fill us in on the mystery surrounding his father, it’s probably Tristan Reese himself.

What Happened To All The Characters In Season 1? 

In the first season of “All American,” many characters received proper screen time, particularly those who served as major players on the football team. 

This changed in Season 2, however, as the show picked up Sam and Ava’s storylines. Sam was a standout freshman running back who eventually became a starter at quarterback. Ava was a star junior linebacker who made big plays but also suffered from chronic pain.

The second season ended with both of these characters being converted into starting roles. Their position on the team meant they’d be front-and-center in Season 3, but this isn’t necessarily how things play out.

The latter episodes of “All American” Season 3 primarily revolve around Tristan Reese. Ava and Sam are still essential characters, but they serve mainly as supporting players rather than protagonists. 

How will their storylines be addressed in the long run? How will they respond to the radical changes that have taken place with Tristan Reese?

What Is The Deal With Calista And Tyrese? 

“All American” Season 3 is filled with several perplexing relationships. Most notably, there’s the pairing of Calista and Tyrese. 

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The two characters are just as different as night and day, but they’re both charismatic individuals who seem to enjoy spending time together.

It’s unclear if this is a healthy relationship or if it’s an unhealthy one. Is Tyrese seeking out Calista for purely therapeutic reasons? 

Is there something more between them? Unfortunately, fans are unlikely to receive answers to these questions anytime soon.

How Will, The White Supremacists, Threaten The Viewmont Football Team During “All American” Season 4? 

A big surprise comes at the end of “All American” Season 3 when viewers learn that Viewmont High targets a white supremacist plot. 

It’s unclear how the school will be affected, but it appears as though Viewmont football coach Billy Mitchell is right in the crosshairs.

It’s yet another instance of the show taking on real-life issues. The idea of white supremacists targeting Viewmont High isn’t exactly a new one — it was a recent topic of national interest during the 2018 Winter Olympics — and it doesn’t seem like this issue will be resolved any time soon.

Will Regina Give Birth During “All American” Season 4? 

The most significant revelation in “All American”‘s season finale is that Regina falls pregnant. It’s an important development, one that seems to have been set up for a while.

Rex, the boy she meets in rehab, does not appear in this episode of the show. This indicates a pregnancy seems imminent, but viewers know nothing about him beyond his name. Will Regina give birth to a son or a daughter? Is she planning on telling anyone about the pregnancy?

What Happens To The Guns Given To Austin By Ed Gant In “All American” Season 3? 

In “All American”‘s penultimate episode, viewers learn that Austin has been at the mercy of Ed Gant for quite some time now. This revelation is quite a big deal, as Ed Gant is one of the most dangerous people in all of Viewmont High.

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These guns are not safe, as there’s no telling what Ed Gant will do with them. Will he be the one to shoot the football team, or will it be someone else? Who is gunning for Regina and Sam? 

What does Rex stand to gain by this game involving the weapons handed over to Austin?

How Does Tristan Reese’s Father Feel About Him? 

The show opens up with Tristan Reese preparing to reveal his father’s identity. The reason for this revelation is unclear, but it appears as though Tristan Reese is planning on using his dad’s position on the school’s football team to blackmail him into supporting Tristan Reese’s career.

If viewers are to believe this series of events, why would the father turn against the son? These questions deserve answers — and we’ve yet to receive them.

Stay tuned with us for further updates and news!



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