Migrant arrested in Texas

Rural Kinney County makes the majority of migrant arrests in Texas, Read Full News

The Texas Rangers were waiting for the next freight train to arrive from Mexico to a small American town 20 miles from the border. As soon as the shipment arrived from Eagle Pass, the rangers began running in their vehicles. A few minutes later, they returned with more than a dozen handcuffed people.

Each of the handcuffs was a migrant from Mexico who crossed the border and got on the train. An hour later, a border patrol agent took two women and two children to carry out the federal immigration process and return them to Mexico.

At the time, the remaining 11 men were in the custody of the state of Texas. These migrants were accused of illegally entering the United States of America. In this way, they will then be transferred to a Texas state prison destined for migrants.

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The director of operations for the train station, Albert De Leon, outside his office shortly before last week’s arrests, said: “The state police are here all day every day. They have the Rangers, drones, helicopters. ”

This small community consists of ranches that hunters invade in search of exotic animals. However, recently the region has been marked by the presence of state police that tracks migrants. They have managed to arrest hundreds of them for trespassing on private lands after illegally entering the United States from Mexico.

County officials and residents are enthusiastically participating in the arrest and incarceration of migrants on criminal charges, as the state’s reaction to the increase in border crossings, an action promoted by Gov. Greg Abbott.

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Arrests for this warrant began in late July in Kinney County, and it has quickly outpaced the other counties. This week alone, more than 630 detainees at Briscoe State Prison and 440 inmates were captured in Kinney.

The ranchers have been in charge of sending videos to the police forces, with images of migrants walking in front of their cameras. Elected officials have shown their disgust against President Joe Biden, blaming him for his administration and increasing illegal migrants entering the country.

Last week, Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe invoked conservative rhetoric and said, “It’s an invasion.” In addition, he added: “The fear is that we do not know who these people are. We don’t know if they have a criminal record. We don’t know if they are sex offenders. ”

Final words

The police have declared tons of drugs and hundreds of firearms seized from the migrants. The head of the Texas Department of Public Safety and local officials are requesting government attention and more funding for these capture operations, driven by fear of entry by drug cartels, criminals, gang members, or rapists, to the United States of America crossing the border into Texas.

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