Lucy Hale Boyfriend
Lucy Hale Boyfriend

Lucy Hale Boyfriend: The Actress Opened Up About Her Relationship

For any man, Lucy Hale will not reduce her standards. The Pretty Little Liars actress, 33, admitted that despite doing so in the past, she will not settle for a man that needs work.

On the Broad Ideas with Rachel Bilson podcast, she remarked, “I think that you can find someone who you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically connect with — like, a 10 out of 10 in each area.” “I believe it is feasible. I believe a lot of people compromise. I am not going to give in. Prior to settling, I will die by myself. Even though it is over the top, that is how I feel.

I have notebooks where I have clearly laid out what I am seeking for because I really believe in the power of manifestation, she continued.

Lucy Hale Boyfriend: She Admitted of Not Being in A Committed Relationship

The Hating Game actress acknowledged that she has been in relationships in the past where she attempted to “fix” her guy.

Lucy Hale Boyfriend: The Actress Opened Up About Her Relationship

For a number of reasons, she admitted, “I have not been in what I would consider a committed relationship for years.” However, I am in the mindset of, “OK, I know exactly what I am looking for and what I have dated in the past, it was virtually a carbon copy of the same person.”

Lucy Hale talked about dating older men:

Because your troubles are more serious than mine, she added, “I usually liked a little project to fix, like, you are going to make me feel better about myself just because I am helping, you know, ‘fix you.'”

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The actress also discussed the qualities she is now seeking in a potential spouse.

She said, “I just have these standards and I refuse to accept that it is not out there. After my last relationship ended, I had all these non-negotiables, which some people could call much too picky. “And so, they do not have this, and I have just had to be really patient,” she continued, “which is why I have been single for so long.”

She continued, “I absolutely have an open mind to dating someone different as well. But more often than not, I just revert to the sense of worth and respect for myself that I have today but did not have earlier in my life.”

Hale is looking for someone who can make her laugh, is “spiritually evolved,” and is self-aware.

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