Doja Cat Boyfriend Now

Who Is Doja Cat Boyfriend Now? The Intriguing Journey of Her Relationships!

Their PDA-filled trips together, the Grammy Award-winning musician and Jeffrey “J” Cyrus have recently been linked. Doja and Cyrus were first seen together in New York City in November 2022.

They later revisited the city at the end of May 2023, when they were spotted having dinner at Carbone. As they left the city’s famous Italian eatery, Doja and Cyrus could be seen walking side by side.

While the sighting mainly remained unnoticed, the couple was recently captured cuddling up and sharing a kiss on a yacht in Los Cabos, Mexico in early June.

Despite the hand-holding, passionate smooch, and matching orange outfits, neither Cyrus nor Doja have made any statements about their relationship in the media. The following information regarding Cyrus, Doja’s alleged boyfriend, is provided.

Doja Cat Boyfriend 

What’s up with Doja Cat’s past relationships? Does Doja date anyone? How about renowned ex-lovers? And do the long-standing rumours about Joji have any basis? Friends, it seems like the time has come for a deep dive. Let’s see information about her dαting history.

To learn more about the spouses of other famous people, read the posts we’ve included below:

Jawny (2019 to 2020)

Doja has only been linked to one person in the media since she first gained notoriety: singer Jawny (formerly known as Johnny Utah). Soon after he dropped his breakthrough single, “Honeypie,” in April 2019, he drew Doja’s attention.

Even though she didn’t particularly enjoy the music, she appreciated how he looked. “I found his music video for ‘Honeypie,’ and I didn’t like the song. But I liked the way you moved. I don’t know. It was your pants. I was like, ‘Oh, I like your pants.’” 

she said on a September 2019 IG Live with Jawny.  She contacted him on Instagram, and ultimately they started dαting in real life. They even worked together on the song “Anything You Want” by Jawny.

By February 2020, Doja and Jawny had chosen to end their relationship. During an IG Live, she told her followers about the breakup. “Everything is okay,” she said. “I unfollowed my ex-boyfriend and everything is okay. We have been cool…no drama or weird sh*t going on. Sh*t just didn’t work out.”

French Montana ( 2020 and 2022)

Doja and French Montana, two rappers who worked on the song “Handstand” together, fuelled relationship rumours in September 2020 when they were seen hanging out on a yacht. One day, Doja dispelled the allegations by tweeting,  “Me and French got a song coming out. F*ckin relax.” Case resolved!(post has been deleted)

Then, though, after French shared a photo of the two of them having dinner while on vacation, Doja slipped into the comments and wrote, “Love you, brother.” To sum up: Their relationship was platonic and nothing more.


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Jeffrey “J” Cyrus: 2022 – Now?

After being photographed in Cabo with comedian J. Cyrus, Doja is said to be dαting him. Ahem, observer. The two have, however, been seen together numerous times before. They were observed in New York back in November 2022.

Doja Cat Boyfriend Now

And only a few months later, in May 2023, they made another trip back to the city and were spotted having lunch at Carbone. Let’s hope she soon spills the beans on the (maybe?!) ship.

The TikTok comedian J. Cyrus, 36, and the rapper, 27, were pictured earlier this week enjoying a holiday in Los Cabos, Mexico. As they departed, the couple appeared unable to get enough of one other as paparazzi took images of them holding hands and kissing.

Doja was shown with short, bleach-blonde hair, an orange string bikini, and heart-shaped earrings. She and Cyrus shook hands just before hopping on a jet ski.

The rapper and Cyrus were first spotted together in May following a date night at Carbone in New York City, and these most recent pictures show that they are still a happy pair. See the given Twitter post:

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