Kurt Busch Divorce
Kurt Busch Divorce

Kurt Busch Divorce: He Announces Divorce from Wife Ashley!

It’s safe to say that 2022 wasn’t a particularly successful year for Kurt Busch, a former NASCAR Cup Series champion. In addition to suffering a brain injury from a collision that necessitated an early retirement, he also tragically lost his marriage to Ashley Van Metre.

According to records obtained by E! News, the pair announced their divorce in May. Van Metre claimed that her ex-spouse “committed a tortious conduct” and that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Van Metre has not given any specifics on the allegations she has made.

When Did They Get Married?

Following her sister’s introduction, Van Metre, a former professional polo player and brand ambassador for the apparel company US Polo Assn., started hanging out with Busch in 2014. Their engagement in June 2015 put their budding romance into high gear.

The once-happy couple wed seven months later in St. Barts in a small ceremony that included only 40 of their closest friends, family members, and Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler. Van Metre stated,  “It felt like we had known each other forever. It truly was love at first sight.”

Why Are Kurt Busch and Ashley Van Metre Getting Divorced?

After marrying Busch in January 2017 and filing for divorce in May 2022 in a Florida court, Van Metre claimed that Busch “committed a tortious act.”

A marital tort is an action or omission, whether negligent or intentional, that harms another person — in this example, a spouse against a spouse — and constitutes a civil wrong for which courts impose punishment, even though specifics are limited.

According to Cornell Law School, “injury” in the context of torts refers to violating any legal right, whereas “damage” refers to a real loss or disadvantage that an individual experiences.

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Van Metre alleged in the filing that Busch “demanded she leaves the family home by the first week in June, even though he has another property in which he can dwell,” before “cutting off her access to their joint banking account, credit cards and any other sources of support.”

Kurt Busch’s Feelings About the divorce?

Although Van Metre’s legal representatives did not react to any correspondence attempts, Busch made a public statement to E! News soon after it was revealed that he and Van Metre were splitting up.

“I am heartbroken to confirm that my wife Ashley and I are working to dissolve our marriage,” he said. “Divorce is a personal and private matter, and I hope our privacy will be respected.”

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