Evander Kane Ex Wife Name
Evander Kane Ex Wife Name

Evander Kane Ex Wife Name: About Evander Kane’s Bitter Divorce Battle!

A left winger for the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League, Evander Frank Kane was born in Canada on August 2, 1991. (NHL).

He has previously played with the San Jose Sharks, Buffalo Sabres, Atlanta Thrashers, and Winnipeg Jets. In the first round of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, the Thrashers selected Kane fourth overall.

Evander Kane Ex Wife Name

In his lengthy divorce from his estranged wife Anna, who prompted a flurry of contentious Instagram Story posts from her, NHL player Evander Kane won a legal battle.

According to a statement from his attorneys at the Hoover Krepelka family law office, the San Jose Sharks winger was given sole custody of the couple’s 1-year-old daughter, Kensington, on Wednesday.

Evander Kane Ex Wife Name

The statement, which stated that Kane and Anna were in court for “emergency custody issues,” was tweeted by Kane’s agent, Dan Milstein.

Anna allegedly posted a video of Kane pointing a “loaded” gun at her on her Instagram Story on Wednesday. Before additional social media accounts filmed the video to post online, it was taken down.

In their statement, Kane’s lawyers said, “She posted videos, taken intentionally out of context, from a professional photo shoot both parties participated in back in 2020.”

Breaking: A video emerges of Evander Kane pointing a gun at his ex-girlfriend, who is currently going through a custody battle. #SJSharks were in the process of attempting to trade Kane… #NHL pic.twitter.com/qZP09pqZZJ

Anna responded to the custody news in a series of Instagram Story posts, including a written statement, photos, and videos of her with the couple’s daughter. She said she broke her gag order by speaking out on social media.

In the statement, Kane accused Anna faked being pregnant with their second child for months after having an abortion in July. Anna had already refuted this in legal papers she had submitted before the hearing.

“I acknowledge I was not forthcoming about my pregnancy ending, but I was and still am terrified because I know what this man is capable of,” Anna wrote, adding that Kane has “zero regards” for her or their daughter.

She reiterated earlier claims of verbal and physical abuse and infidelity against Kane. She also accused him of se*ual assault.

“We were not given any support at all. After the day he decided to leave me, I found out through social media he was in Europe with another woman, Mara, who is now pregnant with his baby,” Anna wrote.

Dan Milstein-Hockey Twitted on Twitter, Official statement re: Evander Kane’s professional photo shoot from 2020.”

Last month, Kane was sighted with his ex-girlfriend Mara Teigen, and the two are reportedly seeing each other once more.

If Teigen is genuinely expecting a child is unknown. Anna also posted audio excerpts of what appeared to be an altercation between her and Evander that were captured on a baby monitor.

Anna added that Kane has “been given a pass” by his family and the NHL. She wrote that Kane “has gambled away every dollar he’s ever made and then some.”

In January, Kane acknowledged having a gambling issue and filed for bankruptcy in California.

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When Anna initially accused Kane of cheating on social media in July, she also asserted that the bank was seizing their home and that he had been placing bets on Sharks and other NHL games.

The NHL launched an inquiry but could not corroborate any of the claims. Kane disputed the charges, calling them “lies” in two messages on Twitter.

Following Sunday’s Sharks game, the NHL’s 21-game ban on Kane for COVID-19 infractions was lifted. He was put on waiver by the Sharks the following day. He was given to the team’s AHL affiliate after going unclaimed.

One Eastern Conference team has indicated an interest in dealing for Kane, according to Larry Brooks’ story in The Post on Saturday. Kane signed a seven-year, $49 million contract with the Sharks in 2018.

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