Kafka Release Date
Kafka Release Date

What is Kafka Release Date? Honaki Star Rail Version 1.2 Release Confirmed!

Honkai Star Rail enthusiasts, this is it—this is the big one. The second big update for the game since its premiere earlier this year will bring a lot of new content to the game on July 19 for PC, iOS, and Android, according to the developer and publisher HoYoverse in a livestream of Honkai Star Rail 1.2.

This significant patch will bring Xianzhou Luofu’s voyage to a close as it “reaches its breathtaking climax”. Blade, Kafka, and Luka will shortly answer the call to join the squad as playable characters, and they will all be included in the update as three new playable characters.

A number of new events will be added to the game in addition to the new characters, allowing players to receive bigger rewards. Additionally, the title will receive a new log-in bonus campaign; details are provided below.

Kafka Release Date

Kafka has become a figure of mystery and attraction in the vast Honkai Star Rail cosmos. Players have been captivated by her portrayal of a violin-playing Stellaron Hunter, and the opportunity to add her to your team is rapidly approaching. The trailer for Honkai Star Rail version 1.2 – arriving on July 19

As the big publication date for Kafka approaches, the excitement intensifies. Players from various time zones will have the chance to start the quest to acquire Kafka on August 9 at 4 AM server time. If You want to know more about the Kafka trailer’s official release.

Kafka Characters

Here are full details about Kafka’s characters:


The list of available characters will soon include a mystery, Stellaron Hunter. After Blade received eternal life, which allowed his body to recover from severe illnesses and wounds, the bandages he wore had a function beyond simple aesthetics.

Kafka Release Date

As a five-star Wind-Type character who follows the Path of Destruction, Blade gains the upper hand in battle by sacrificing his own health to do more damage to his foes.

Here, you can also look up the release dates for additional seasons:


On the planet Pteruges-V, where the idea of terror was alien to the populace, Kafka first set foot on Earth. She was unable to feel terror as a result, which prevented her from understanding the value of life.

Kafka, a five-star Lightning-Type character that travels the Path of Nihility, shows off her power by inflicting adversaries more damage over time. Her skill deals with several targets harmed by lightning.

Damage over Time sufferers will take additional hits both during and after Kafka’s attack if they already have the condition. On the other hand, her Ultimate deals Lightning damage to all foes with a chance to Shock targets and does additional damage right away to those who have already been Shocked.


The hero, a native of Belobog, will shortly appear in the game and become a recruitable character. Luka mixes his strength with an upbeat and carefree demeanour as an important member of Wildfire and Oleg’s apprentice to protect those who live in the Underworld.

His Skill does Physical damage to a single target and has a chance to cause Bleed as a four-star Physical-Type character travelling the Path of Nihility. Luka can also improve his basic strike during combat after receiving several hits.

Of course, his Ultimate still deals damage, but it also bestows “Fighting Will,” which has the potential to augment the target’s damage for a predetermined number of rounds.

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