Maria Taylor Husband
Maria Taylor Husband

Maria Taylor Husband and Parenthood Journey Through Love!

American sportscaster Maria Taylor works for NBC Sports, and because she is such a well-known figure, everyone is curious about her marital status.

Others, however, look forward to hearing analysis from sports commentators like Maria Taylor nearly as much as they look forward to watching football every Sunday. For others, the NFL draft may be the most significant athletic event of the season aside from the actual games.

Even though some of her admirers don’t know much about her husband, she now has a good profession and a married life.

In sports broadcasting, Maria has established a name for herself and continues to shine above other sports analysts as she provides her comments on games and players throughout any given season.

But when she’s not working, Maria spends a lot of time with her husband, whose identity is rather obscure. Stay tuned with us for more updates about Maria Taylor’s Husband and their parenthood journey.

Maria Taylor Husband

Maria married Rodney Blackstock in 2019, but they later divorced for reasons that most of Maria’s admirers and social media following were unaware of.

Maria posted wedding images on Instagram in February 2021 with a completely different man and wrote, “I love our love story.” She did not, however, include her new husband in any of the pictures at the time.


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Since Maria Taylor has opted to keep her personal life private, the name of her husband has been maintained a closely-guarded secret. She wed her present hubby in February 2021, as is known. Rodney Blackstock, with whom Maria was previously wed, was someone she met in 2014.

They finally got married in 2019 after a protracted engagement, however, problems in their marriage caused them to divorce in 2021.

Maria Taylor Husband

Maria has managed to keep her current husband’s identity and details private despite the public’s interest in her private life. But he is an understanding and encouraging partner who respects and admires Maria for her tough profession in the sports sector.

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Does Maria Taylor Have Kids?

Maria Taylor does not currently have any children, but she is looking forward to welcoming her first child with her current husband. Maria has encountered many difficulties on her path to motherhood, including surgeries, numerous egg retrievals, and unsuccessful IVF treatments.

She persevered in her quest to become a mother and never lost up on her goal in the face of these setbacks. Maria and her husband, as well as her friends and followers who have been supportive and encouraging along her journey to parenthood, were ecstatic to learn of her pregnancy.

Given the struggles she has faced, Maria is very excited about this new chapter in her life, which makes the announcement even more touching and significant for her and her supporters.

Does Maria Taylor Have an Aunt?

In one of Maria’s recent TikTok videos, which she used to capture her trip to Orlando with her two nephews and niece, her husband recently made a cameo appearance.

For her niece and other young women interested in pursuing careers in journalism, Maria is the ideal role model, particularly when it comes to becoming a female sports reporter.

In addition to serving as the show’s executive producer for an eight-part documentary series on the history of Black quarterbacks in the NFL.

Maria made history as the program’s first full-time female host of NBC Sports’ Football Night in America. Her husband and family must be incredibly proud of all she has accomplished!

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