Is There a Post Credit Scene in the Flash
Is There a Post Credit Scene in the Flash

What Happens in the Post-Credits Sequence of The Flash?

The Flash, the newest film in the DC Extended Universe, is all about multiverses, time travel, and multiversal time travel. It will be released in theaters on Friday. Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, uses his super speed to go back in time to prevent the deαth of his mother.

Along the way, he encounters several Batmen (a tribute to the numerous A-list actors who have played Batman throughout the years). He discovers what happens when you tamper with history.

The second-to-last film in the current DCEU is The Flash. The penultimate chapter before co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran revamp the DC cinematic and television universe will be Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

It’s unclear if The Flash will make a comeback on television or if Ezra Miller, who currently plays the superhero, will be replaced. The DC Universe will “reset” with The Flash, according to Gunn, and all the characters “will be connected.” Here is what happened in The Flash’s climactic sequence and post-credits scene.

What Happens in the Flash’s Finale?

The Flash is on a quest to save his mother (Maribel Verd), which will clear his father (Ron Livingston), who was charged with her homicide. He discusses his strategy with Ben Affleck, who portrays Bruce Wayne in his reality.

Wayne urges him against it since, in multiversal stories, tampering with the past could lead to the disruption of future occurrences. Barry ignores Batman’s advice and travels back in time, meeting a different version of himself after saving his mother.

As a result, the original Barry and, well, Barry encounters Michael Keaton’s Batman, who informs them that time is not linear and that modifying events will affect events before and after the current point.

The ramifications of Barry’s actions are initially unclear but become evident towards the film’s end. Barry then understands that to repair his own harm and maintain the continuity of space-time, he must return in time again.

Is There a Post Credit Scene in the Flash

By moving stuff about on the shelf, he can get his father to look at the security camera in the grocery store towards the end of the film, which supports his alibi and enables his father to be cleared of all charges and get out of jail.

Waiting outside the courthouse, Barry gets a call from Bruce Wayne, who congratulates him on his father’s victory and informs him that he is on his way to the building. A crowd of journalists and photographers surround Wayne as he exits the vehicle.

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Back in his own world, Barry anticipates seeing Ben Affleck’s Wayne exit the vehicle, but George Clooney does. As the film comes to a conclusion, Barry exclaims, “Now, who the f-ck is this?”

What Happens in the Post-Credits Sequence of The Flash?

In a post-credits sequence, Barry drags a wasted Aquaman (Jason Momoa) from a club and tries to get him to follow him back to his apartment so he can get some rest. The inebriated superhero urges Barry to get more beer while handing him one of his rings as he falls face-first into a puddle.

Barry initially declines, saying, “This is Atlantean treasure,” but eventually agrees and takes the ring with him. Although it appears unimportant, it raises anticipation for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is set to hit theaters this December.

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While a trailer for the film debuted in April and revealed that Michael Keaton would appear, it kept several essential cameos a secret, especially the largest one towards the conclusion.

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