Who is the New Batman in the Flash
Who is the New Batman in the Flash

Is Robert Pattinson’s Batman Bringing the Dark to ‘The Flash’?

After several setbacks and challenges during production, The Flash was released to theaters. Ezra Miller made his feature debut as Barry Allen in Justice League, prompted by Batman’s decision to hire him.

Briefly seen in security camera footage of Captain Boomerang’s capture in Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad. DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran have stated that the DC Universe is about to begin a new creative vision and that the Flash now has its own feature picture.

The conventional conclusion of an episode of The Flash may have little to do with the program’s most essential talking points. Even though The Flash’s final appearance confirms a DCU reset, it also obscures more significant themes.

The visual effects are “wonky,” and the DC cameos vary from nostalgic to allegedly disrespectful. The Flash has a riveting story, but it’s also very complicated. Time jumps make it hard to figure out what happened after the credits in The Flash and the DC Universe.

Who is the New Batman in The Flash?

In this rendition of the DC Comics story Flashpoint, Barry travels back in time to prevent the m*rder of his mother when he was a child. Despite his success, this change causes ripples in the past and creates an entirely new, impossible future.

After a lengthy struggle, the Kryptonian army can defeat Zod’s forces with the help of Central Barry, Past Barry, Batman, and Supergirl. After Batman and Supergirl d!e, the Barrys vow to alter the past.

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Even though their original fates are spared, and their allies d!e again, this time in a new fashion, the central Barry learns that the destruction of this Earth is an inevitable point in the chronology.

Defeat compels Barry to accept that he can’t change the past and must finally let his mother go. This fact is problematic for young Barry to comprehend, so he keeps returning in time.

As the two Barrys fight in the Speed Force bubble about the hazards and futility of changing history, the mysterious Dark Flash, who earlier knocked Barry out of the Speed Force, suddenly appears.

An elderly, grey-haired Barry, who has spent his entire life trying to fix a timeline that keeps his mother alive, is the antagonist. Dark Flash tries to stop young Barry from ki!!ing his mother by stabbing him, but young Barry jumps before the sword and is ki!!ed.

Who is the New Batman in the Flash

Since they are the same person, this must mean that older Barry d!es. Main He returns in time to undo his actions, ultimately saving his mother’s life. After she had neglected to thank him for the can of tomatoes he’d given her and sent Barry’s dad to buy, he abandoned her to her m*rder*r.

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After removing the tomatoes, Barry returns to the present moment, where his mother is on her deαthbed. At his father’s most recent trial, it was found that Barry had moved the tomatoes to a higher shelf in the past, causing him to peek up at a camera and provide him with an alibi. His father’s case is dropped, and he is acquitted.

Outside, Barry summons Bruce. When he shows up to the courts, he doesn’t seem or act like Bruce Barry knows. Even if his mother’s deαth has been restored, moving the tomatoes to prove his father’s alibi has altered the timeline. When the film ends, Barry still has no idea where in time he is or what will happen next.

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