Is My Hero Academia Ending
Is My Hero Academia Ending

Is My Hero Academia Ending: A Letdown for Fans or a Perfect Conclusion?

My Hero Academia’s creator stunned his admirers by implying that the famous manga may not be as near to its conclusion as previously thought.

According to Kohei Horikoshi’s announcement in December 2021, My Hero Academia will wrap up in roughly a year if everything goes according to plan.

Yet a recent comment posted on Weekly Shonen Jump gives fans of the popular superhero manga new hope. Kohei Horikoshi revealed that every manga fan dreads hearing: their beloved series will likely end during Jump Festa 2022.

This caught me off guard a little bit because, while being one of the most popular manga series in recent years, My Hero Academia is still a long way from being as long as other classic series like Bleach, Naruto, and, of course, One Piece, which has long since reached its 1,000th chapter.

Yet, length is by no means a measure of the quality of a manga, and Horikoshi has almost reached the finish of the story he wants to tell.

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Hence, My Hero, Academia fans have been preparing for the show’s conclusion for almost a year. Since the final, epic fight between the combined forces of the heroes and the villains commanded by All for One is underway, and the planet’s fate is in doubt, the plot is moving in that direction.

Is My Hero Academia Ending

But as the heroic protagonists of this story have often demonstrated, hope never dies. As shared by Shonen Jumps News – Unofficial (@WSJ_manga), In the “authors’ comment” section published in Weekly Shonen Jump 45, Horikoshi wrote the following:

It’s been ten months since I said there was only about a year to go. I’m sorry.” While this could be an apology, other sources have translated that last sentence as “I’m reconsidering it.

The end of My Hero Academia Won’t Come as Soon as Anticipated

The most likely explanation is that the manga’s final arc will take longer than anticipated. Mangaka is infamous for making erroneous estimates on how long their works would last, but this is a specific aspect of the serialization process.

In My Hero Academia, numerous plot lines need to be resolved during the epic fight, including Midoriya vs. All for One, the second All for One body vs. Hawks and Endeavor, Ochaco vs. Toga, and Dabi vs. Shoto.

With the size of the ensemble and the natural desire to give each character some screen time, Horikoshi will likely take longer than anticipated to ensure that everything turns out as he had envisioned.

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My Hero Academia fans can at least take solace in knowing that the day they must bid their beloved series farewell is a little further away than they initially thought.

It’s unlikely that Horikoshi has changed his mind about ending the manga, which will still end with the conclusion of the current arc.

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