Is Bill Self Sick?
Is Bill Self Sick?

Is Bill Self Sick? He Is Comeback for NCAA Tournament Following Heart Procedure

Bill Self, the men’s basketball coach for the Kansas Jayhawks, is anticipated to rejoin the squad for the NCAA Tournament after missing the Big 12 tournament due to illness.

Self underwent a cardiac operation on Wednesday and was released from the hospital on Sunday. He has returned to his Lawrence home. On Thursday, the Kansas Jayhawks, the No. 1 seed in the West, will play host to Howard, the No. 16 seed.

“KU Coach Bill Self was discharged from The University of Kansas Health System today in good condition,” the University of Kansas Health System said in a statement.

He arrived at the emergency department Wednesday evening, March 8, complaining of chest tightness and balance concerns. Clinical Service Chief for Cardiovascular Medicine and Interventional cardiologist Dr. Mark Wiley said Coach Self underwent a standard heart catheterization and had two stents placed to treat blocked arteries. Coach Self responded well to the procedure and is expected to fully recover.”

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Is Bill Self Sick

Self’s absence from Kansas’ Big 12 quarterfinal match versus West Virginia was initially reported by the university due to illness. With the guidance of assistant coach Norm Roberts, the Jayhawks went on to defeat the Mountaineers 78-61 on Thursday.

Is Bill Self Sick?

Following the victory, Kansas announced that Self would not be able to play against Iowa State on Friday because he was undergoing post-procedure treatment at the University of Kansas Health System.

He did not have a heart attack, said a hospital representative, who did not elaborate on the operation. Coach Self did not have a heart attack, contrary to what several media outlets have reported, according to a statement from the hospital obtained by Kansas.

He arrived at the emergency room last night, and routine procures went smoothly. He is anticipated to recover fully after his team’s Thursday quarterfinal loss to Iowa State, Baylor coach Scott Drew addressed Self’s absence.

Drew affirmed, “We are in prayer. “Life is fleeting. What matters most is winning the game of life. Kansas was ranked No. 4 in the USA TODAY Sports Men’s Basketball Coaches Poll heading into the Big 12 tournament.

Self-defeated North Carolina in the national championship game to win his second national championship at the institution last year.

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Earlier in the season, when Self was suspended due to an ongoing NCAA investigation into rules infractions, Roberts took over as the team’s head coach for four games.

There has been no announcement of the case’s outcome. Self was there for a shoot-around on Wednesday at the T-Mobile Arena and appeared healthy.

He spoke with reporters for roughly 20 minutes outside the locker room and declared that his squad was prepared for another March run.

We’ve talked about going to Kansas City to try to put ourselves in a position to win this thing, but knowing we better take one game at a time,” he said.

“I’ve emphasized, let’s go play our best.  What the (Big 12) tournament does can validate what your regular season’s been. And this is an opportunity to validate it.”

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