Are Isha and Michael Still Together in 2023
Are Isha and Michael Still Together in 2023

Are Isha and Michael Still Together in 2023? The Latest Update on Their Romance!

The public and the media are equally interested in Isha Ambani and Michael Corsale’s relationship. Isha is the daughter of Mukesh Ambani, an Indian business tycoon and millionaire, and Michael is a British musician and actor.

Since the couple’s first meeting in 2017, there have been several reports and conjectures regarding their relationship status. Learn about the status of Isha and Michael’s relationship in 2023 and what it can mean for their future.

Are Isha and Michael Still Together in 2023?

The most adorable young couples are Isha and Michael. Isha and Michael take some time to find one another because they did not come to anyone’s attention right away. These pairs each have their own fan bases.

Everyone finds dating tough, and this pair is already pretty busy. The episodes of the show have only recently begun broadcasting, and production has just wrapped up. Because they are still getting to know one another, they are keeping their relationship a secret.

Michael and Isha are still together because they still follow one another on social media, even if they haven’t made their relationship public yet. This is despite the emotionally charged thriller that the show’s finale left viewers with.

Are Isha and Michael Still Together in 2023

Chronology of Isha and Michael’s Relationship

There wasn’t any romance between them at initially because they each came with different objectives. They should begin dating persons in their own social group, Isha had also advised.

Isha and Michael became acquainted for the first time at Twenty-Somethings. They were both in different relationships before they started dating. Isha asked Michael out for tacos and a date, and he agreed.

When Michael took her on romantic dates and trips, they realized they had a close bond. Isha appreciates how quickly her relationship develops since it gives her more time to focus on her fashion company.

Fans will be closely monitoring Michael and Isha’s social media accounts for the forthcoming event because they have kept their relationship and plans for the future in Austin a secret.

Isha and Michael Now, where are They?

Isha and Michael are now happily married. It is clear that Michael and Isha are deeply devoted to one another. British Vogue and New York Fashion Week both showcased Isha’s work. The goal of Michael Fractor was to perform stand-up comedy.


Future ambitions for Michael Fractor include being a stand-up comic. Since 2021, he has only seriously considered this career option. With the intention of fulfilling this wish, he traveled to Austin. His humor is caustic and distinctly fatherly.

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