How to use Google Meet

Google meet becomes one of the renowned virtual platforms nowadays for interacting with people across the world virtually through video call or conference. Google assembled enterprise-grade video conferences, and through this platform, everyone can create an online meeting with a google account for up to 60 minutes per meeting with up to 100 members. Google meet can be advantageous for personal use, business, schools, institutions, and other organizations. 

Google meet has some advanced features of online meetings up to 250 external or internal members, live streaming also available up to 100,000 viewers within a dominion and also offers counter abuse measures like anti-hijacking, anti-abuse as it supports multiple 2- step verification options with security keys to secure people’s privacy and data. The main purpose of designing Google meet is to host video meetings available on the web, phones, and tablets for IoS and Android devices. 


Google meet got popular due to its beneficial features of an unlimited number of meetings, video and audio preview screen, live captions during meetings, flexible layouts and screen settings, messaging with participants, also can share the screen with members, compatible across devices and for its encrypted privacy and data. Google meet also can be used for personal use to make video conferences with one person or many without any cost. 

It is one of the applications of Google, you can see in fulfilling business purposes. It allows 100 participants for 60 minutes per video, then lets colleagues chat over video and text, and allows 150 members for a business plan and 250 for the enterprise plan without traveling anywhere. 

The students also use Google meet for educational purposes, like in schools, in private tuitions, or in other institutions where students can study and get an online school ambiance sitting at home. It can join 100 students in one video conference. 

In this way, Google meets many facilities and lots of conveniences with encryption transit by default between google and the client that other online video calling apps cannot provide. So the use of google meet is in huge ratio. Google meet works on any device. It allows users to join meetings from any modern browser on laptops or computers no need to install any additional software.

To start a google meeting, create a google account or sign up for free, then invite others to join online meetings via sending links or meeting codes to anyone. After clicking the meeting link, enter the meeting code from the host or attend calling by dialing the number and pin. Google online meetings help connect with anyone worldwide with an unlimited number of meetings with up to 60 minutes per video conference.

Process of using Google Meet

Google provides a free version of google meet. For an online video conference with anyone, firstly, people have to sign in with a google account to join the meeting for added security. 

  1. To use google meet first, users have to create a google account, then go to or directly open the app on ios or android or start a meeting from the calendar of Google. 
  2. Then start to click a new meeting, or the user can start google meet by entering a meeting code. 
  3. Then choose the account that google users want to use. 
  4. Then click to join the meeting. 
  5. Users can add other people how many they want to add to start meeting. 

Google meet offers live captioning during meetings through speech recognition technology by google. You can turn it off anytime and on by clicking three dots on the meet screen to bring up the caption. 

With Google’s existence, it is possible to perform work from home meetings and online classes by inviting 100 participants together in one video conference, which helps people a lot to use google meet. Google meets hardware, offers high-quality purchases and is affordable and works on any device like desktop, laptop, android, iPhone, or iPad.

After clicking the meeting code or link, users can easily adjust the mic and camera before continuing the meeting. In google, meet is an easy video calling technology where users can quickly mute, pin, or remove participants. In the case of education accounts, students cannot mute or remove others; only the meeting creator can do so.


For any purposes, Google meet users can share the screen with members, can message with participants also can share links, files, and other messages which are available only during the meetings and can integrate with Microsoft office apps and google that is why the use of google meet became popular.

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