How to change your name on Facebook

Facebook becomes one of the popular social media platforms, where different kinds of people can connect themselves. It is one of the Global communities where people share their experiences in the moments of daily life. The people have collected themselves virtually with this community and interacting with friends so messages or comments. However, there are some scams or fraud issues in this community, so you just need to be alert while using Facebook. In this context,  identity plays a significant role in Facebook for recognizing the person or mutual friends. Before opening an account on Facebook, the users need to fill up some necessary information regarding them. Name is one of the standard personal information required by Facebook, and it develops the users’ identity.

Changing games on Facebook is really a simple task, and it just takes a few minutes to complete. However, there are some common restrictions needed to be considered in doing that. There are some rules and regulations which are necessary for you to follow for using Facebook. Users cannot use pseudonyms.

Because it may allow other users to use some common nicknames, what an example the users may use John, instead of using Hary. As a consequence of changing names, users can see the alternate name in their profile and it just will remove the tabs which were applied to the previous name.

However, there are many reasons behind changing the names on the Facebook account, and the users find ways for it. After marrying someone, food to add dear sir name in their profiles to show the love on them and sometimes the women add their husbands’ surname decide the name.

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Steps of changing names on Facebook

Facebook accumulates lots of easy options for making any changes for the profile and specifically for changing the name the below steps can be followed:

  1. The users review the name standards.
  2. Then they need to click on an option that will arrive at the top right of Facebook.
  3. After that, the users need to select settings and privacy options and then click on settings.
  4. There they will find the name option and click on that.
  5. Then you just need to put your new name and click on the review change.
  6. Then you have to enter the password and then click on save changes.
  7. The users first meet to go to their profile picture, which will arrive at the top right Facebook page.

Sometimes the users may face some trouble in changing their names on Facebook. This travels may occur due to the following reasons:

  • If the names of the users do not follow the name policy of Facebook.
  • The users may change their names in the last 60 days and change the names frequently; they face problems.
  • Sometimes the users are asked to confirm your name on Facebook previously.
  • Sometimes, the users’ names do not match with the name that has appeared an item from the ID list of Facebook.

How to change your name on Facebook on iPhone

The users cannot change their names within 60 days, and in the case of forceful changes, the users need to understand the rules of Facebook and need to review them. Girls can also change their names on Facebook, and for that, they need to follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, iPhone users need to have the Facebook app downloaded on their phones for completing this purpose. If they don’t have this app, they need to go to their iPhone app store and then search the Facebook app. After getting the right Facebook application, they have to download it. 
  2. After completing the download process, the iPhone users need to open the Facebook app and by providing the right email id and password, need to log in to their account.
  3. After that, they can see hello ko of three lines, which will appear on the iPhone’s bottom right side.
  4. After scrolling down, they need to reach the bottom of the page, and there they will find the setting option. Then need to go account settings, then click on general and after that, click on the name option.
  5. Now the users will get the option of changing their name, username, or nickname.
  6. After completing the editing of the name, go to review changes. After getting the satisfaction, the users can see the preview of it, and then they need to put the password for saving the changes.
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